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  1. TheLoucheyMonster!

    It's great to finally be here!!! <3

  2. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Woo hoo, got my log-in :-)

    Hello and welcome Congratulations on the success of your absinthe!
  3. A soon to launch violet colored from Ann Arbor Distilling. https://www.annarbordistilling.com/?fbclid=IwAR2tpvN5n_IcduywkFV1oQJycvcFVKscTDgnpAjm1lUhHNiuI2zxlpnGayw https://www.annarbordistilling.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/AnnArborDistillingCompany/posts/?ref=page_internal
  4. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Simon Broadley-Pedersen is a fraud :/

    I would love to see this thief prosecuted.
  5. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Super Excited to be HERE!

    Hello and welcome to the party!
  6. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Murmichan Scottish Verte Absinthe

    Well done review! ... but just found that Whisky Exchange does not deliver to US anymore
  7. Looks like it would be worth a try.
  8. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Is FeeVerte Died?

    So, since nothing shows up on 'unread content, I have to assume I have read every one of them....and if i spent an average of 20 seconds per post...then double that for FV posts... That means that I have spent more than a week of my life reading....ABSOMPHE posts.
  9. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Shocking prices online for absinthe

    Segarra has always been one of the more expensive non-vintage absinthes.( And it is possible that it is no longer in production.)
  10. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Happy to finally be a part of this community.

    Hi and welcome!
  11. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Slipstream absinthe fountain glass pipe

    as a solution, eventually it will equalize. What the man in the hat said. That is the reason I never bought one, even though I they look like fun to watch.
  12. Proposed rule changes may have a definition for absinthe: source https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2018-11-26/pdf/2018-24446.pdf
  13. TheLoucheyMonster!

    Absinthe Ordinaire Liqueur

    I hate Absente and Grande Absente, but I do find Ordinare to be drinkable if you treat it like a Pastis. Even better is Pastis Henri Bardouin.