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    Absinthe infused Salami, with free bacon*

    * free bacon with purchase of $30 or more Here ya go https://zoesmeats.com/products/uncured-absinthe-artisan-salami
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    Greetings my fellow absintheurs

    Hi and welcome!
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    Is FeeVerte Died?

    We thank you !
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    Hello again friends

    Welcome back!
  5. News article and video here http://themontgomerycaller.com/this-women-owned-distillery-is-the-first-to-sell-absinthe-in-maryland/ Distillers homepage https://www.tenthwarddistilling.com/
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    Trinity Absinthe Superieure

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    Your first experiences with absinthe?

    Nice watch!
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    redwun's day!

  9. another thing you can try is a drop or two of bitters in a glass.
  10. Before you ruin the better part of a bottle, start with a small amount of spirit and herb in a mason jar. let rest two days and taste, then adjust the time and or amount. Start with less and work your way upward. Just a little bit of a new flavor will let you know if your on to something, or wasting your time.
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    Old dirt on an old bottle

    I would post your question here for the antique experts: https://www.facebook.com/groups/absintheoriginals/ but I think most would say leave it alone.
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    Copper & Kings

    I Just picked up a bottle of this. It has a very sweet earthy-rooty flavor. Noticible gin botanicals here but NOT juniper. I looked through some gin review sites to try to identify some of the flavors, and I think the dominant flavor here is angelica. Also maybe a touch of coriander, orris and licorice root. Also heavy on fennel. It has a medium-thick louche, but light on the anise flavor. I can pick up the wormwood flavor, yet some of the subtle bitterness might be coming from something else. The base spirit is muscat brandy, which gives it a nice white raisin flavor. This does not have your typical Blanche profile, so I think it would work well in some cocktails, but not others. On the minus side, I like more anise and wormwood forward blanches. On the plus side, it is very mellow, slightly fruity and not taste bud numbing, so it would be a good one to drink with food.
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    The above recent posts prompted me to pick up a bottle of Sirene since I haven't had it for many years. So I picked up a bottle at http://www.wineandliquordepot.com/specialty-liquor-store-los-angeles.php It was batch number 12! This is a small store that kind of specializes in rare whiskies and tequilas , and I think they must have over estimated the absinthe demand when absinthe first hit the market. They carry about a dozen or so brands. I was able to get the original formula Obsello two years after it went out of production. (Gives you an idea how slowly some booze can move off the shelf. ) So, this bottle of Sirene tasted pretty darn good, better than I remember. I can't say if its because of age or not. No sign of any degradation at all in taste or a looks.
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    Paging Ms. Monkey: It is your day.