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  1. WelI, I know what I'm stocking up on with my next order.
  2. Dang. A wonderful rarity just became even more rare. Best of luck on whatever comes next for you Stefano.
  3. Oh hell yes! I've made a few bitters in the past, mainly just screwing around and making flavors I wanted but were not on the market. This is an excellent stash, thank you for posting!
  4. This thread is full of some ideas and info about rouge absinthe including a breakdown of info on the Rosinette poster. If you search for rouge, red absinthe, or rosinette I'm sure the forums can dig up some other threads of ancient knowledge as well. I used to be obsessed with the idea and even have an old draft awaiting publication to my blog called "The Hunt for Red Absinthe". It was never published because I didn't really find anything except for some post-ban products; Red Absenta and the like.
  5. Heh, that's what I get for trying to play nice. You are correct Amy. Bars that light absinthe on fire might use these pipes to stop, but only because it still looks "edgy". In this sense it's still playing into the hands of bullshit myths. I'd also say regarding the aromatics issue, that without correct function it will be impossible to truly reach correct perception. If it functioned properly then it might lead to education but without being able to hold an even ABV and display aromatics, the destination is always lost.
  6. As far as I know there is an advertising poster that may have been a mock up for a product that never made it to market. That's it. No surviving bottles, sales receipts, or recipes from the pre-ban era. If you have other historical documentation of red or rouge absinthe before 1914, I'd love to see it as the idea obsessed me for some time. I'm open to changing my mind but it requires proof. Keep in mind that I gave Adnams Rouge an (almost) stellar review and I'm not totally against reds, but I also don't believe they are historical. I view the popular hibiscus use as a best guess at most. Even back in the day it could have been made red, rose-pink, or whatever with a variety of methods.
  7. I would say yes to that. Yet there are some who swore it tasted "the same as the last batch" when giving me a tailsy prototype. So maybe a lack of palate development. Which I firmly believe is a skill that anyone can learn. Some have even said "people think wormwood should taste funky" as an excuse to go too far into the tails cut. At the small batch levels some of these distilleries operate they aren't even getting that many more bottles per run.
  8. Yeah I have some "visceral" posts as people have put it. Some of my angst may have been from trying to help distilleries who just could not care less or even see the flaws. I still have yet to consult for a distillery whose absinthe I would vouch for. I think my biggest pet peeve is not making the the tails cut well. There are way too many tailsy absinthes out there. I'm not skeptical of all craft distilleries producing absinthe, in fact most good absinthe is made by craft distilleries. It's just a lot of the newer products really don't hold up after craft distilling became a trend. Like I mentioned earlier, you seem to have an ethic focused on quality, so I'm not worried about you.
  9. It's definitely sad to see Marteau and Foxtrot leave but I understand. I realized the other day that life has kept me from posting a public absinthe review in over a year! Times change.
  10. Welcome! You're already well ahead of most craft distillers with that ethic alone. The problem with craft distilleries producing absinthe is usually due to a lack of research which also leads to a lack of knowledge that there is an established absinthe "scene" who will evaluate them. You're treating absinthe respectfully and not as a gimmick, this will lead you down the correct path. Thank you! From the bottom of my green heart, thank you! Duplais Verte is definitely not a bad metric for taste profile. I would highly suggest doing some research on your competition and see what is on the shelves locally and at least looking up their review if not buying a bottle (business expense) and evaluating it yourself. There are some wonderful absinthes made in America now, and unfortunately some terrible ones. Get to know the market you are jumping into. As far as some specific brands to check out I'd say American market has Pacifique, Vilya, Marteau, Delaware Phoenix, Leopold Bros. and some more I'm probably spacing out right now. For international I'd go with the Jade line, La Clandestine and other absinthes from Distillerie-Artemisia, Zufanek Distillery, and since you've already got Duplais Verte from Matter-Luginbahl try their A.O. Spare. I don't know of any absinthe courses that are independent of a producer or distributor other than ones I've given at events here in Colorado. So I'd keep in mind that what you've learned might have had the bias of selling what those people offer. Not saying scrap it all but be wary and seek independent answers to anything that might feel sketchy to you. While courses aren't specifically a part of our upcoming Ambassador Certification program, an ambassador could certainly give one. If you have any more questions please ask. We all love talking about absinthe on and on and on and...
  11. Welcome! I'm glad you've found us to help with the navigation of the green seas.
  12. Some of my favorite absinthes were EP, but I'm wary after the last bottle of Roquette that I got. I think Stefano is right, producers need to be called out. Send an email if you're not comfortable with a public review and the possible fallout. However, public reviews on vendor sites and WS do help others from making the same mistake. Producers respond to market pressure. Either because they care about quality and product as craft, or because they care about money. Either way it's a necessary part of the equation.
  13. Try it at a bar before spending a bunch on a bottle.
  14. Welcome! I had a big reply planned but Gwydion pretty much covered it and then some. So what he said.
  15. Just personal opinion but I'd totally buy a bottle of. -Vieux Carre -Leopold Brothers The following aren't too bad and some people like them but nothing I'd spend money on again. -Lucid -Kübler -St. George -Copper & Kings is actually an unknown for me personally, but I've been itching to try their absinthe for a while now. I wouldn't touch the rest.
  16. Article is here. The new trend is to admit that wormwood/artemisia family doesn't make you trip ballz, quote modern science on that, and then say it does something else. This time it's crazy dreams! Then they make a "cold-brew" absinthe with mugwort and sell it at their bar. Yay for infused vodka I guess? To think, VICE was actually doing well with absinthe for a bit.