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  1. Besides the ones listed by Ambear, I would add Toulouse Red if you happen to be in New Orleans. It uses hibiscus in the coloring step, so it is a bit different, but I (IMHO) find it quite tasty at a high dilution.
  2. I'm wild ass guessing, Viridian wanted to concentrate on the Jades, and selling the right to distribute Lucid raised a nice bit of capital to help in that cause.
  3. That is some news, alright. I hope Gwydion is right on this one, as he usually is, about production staying in Combier. And in Ted's hands, I would ad.
  4. That is why the powers that be smiled on my ADD head, and broke my fountain. I find drippers to be more Pere proof.
  5. I got one solid convert with Desiree. I left him the rest of the bottle, he is an avid 51 drinker, and immediately recognized the superior product when he saw it. He happily had two glasses right then and there. I notice there is little pride in history among some younger folks, no pride/love of city or region the way folks in the USA do, so they just don't seem to have curiosity about the past. I, had fun at the totally empty Musee du Biterrois, but then I'm am a bit of a nerd. Correction, I am a nerd.
  6. Harry Potter also mentions them. Tolkien's greedy heirs wouldn't stand a chance. You can look it up on Wiki as a traditional tale. I like it, and it fits the distiller.
  7. You were not kidding, about southern France being an absinthe desert. They have all kinds of anises and pastis, but not a single bottle of absinthe, not even crapsinthe. and mention ot a local that your dring absinthe, ans the usualy litany of 'rend fou', 're-formule', and 'I tried a shot, but hated it'. And zero enthusiasm. I get a sense the younger guys have no sense of history.
  8. It must've worked. The waitress even slowed down my drip, when in my tired state, I opened it too much. I was impressed. I'll be at the Airport Sheraton march 8th, but a few metro rides should put me at your place.
  9. Thanks for the advice on La Fee Verte, the food, service, and drinks were first rate. Shopping at Luc's was also a memorable experience. I got Belle Amie and Desiree with me, but I hope to find a home for them before heading north. Not a sign of absinthe anywhere near me. The Biterroises love their wine and cheap pastis, but don't care much for absinthe.
  10. I must say that I've discovered (for myself) some wonderful absinthes on this trip to France. Desiree and 65, are up there with the best. L,Enjelouse (sp?) and Belle Amie are pretty darned good too.
  11. Luc is not shy to pile on the wax, and the stamp looks so pretty you almost feel bad to wreck it.
  12. I visited my dad in NOLA who got one at a store locally, and swapped for some Old Parr. He did enjoy several glasses of the red, which he liked better than Vertes.
  13. How rectified is the cane base? I thought I detected a hint from it, but with all the herbal flavors, it was probably just my imagination. Either way, it was very tasty!
  14. I'd like to write a review of this absinthe, having recently gotten a bottle. I've had a few glasses this weekend, but maybe I should hold off and get to know this offering better before writing a formal review. So far my take on it is: Appearance: RED! Bright, clear, and RED! Aroma: Neat it immediately spread throughout my folk's first floor upon opening. Natural with a traditional absinthe aroma at front, but with the nice hibscus notes right behind. Louched, the same but softer, with the traditional absinthe aroma a bit more forward. Flavor: Delicious. A good, well balanced absinthe up front, with the hibiscus playing a nice second fiddle. It reminded me of a DP but with the hibiscus notes. I can see this as being very popular with my family in the summer, especially with an ice cube or two after louching. Finish. Nice, proper. Overall I'm quite happy. I had no idea what to expect out of this, and the bright color made me a touch nervous, but in the end both myself and my dad enjoyed it quite a bit. My dad, who has tried good absinthes but is not crazy about absinthe, did like this one enough to want 2nds and 3rds, and reluctant to see me bring the bottle to Houston. I still need to spend some more time with it, to nail it down better, but for the $60 my dad got it for, I'm pretty happy. I had to bring him Old Parr bottles to get him to trade.
  15. I had a spot of trouble editing out a typo (it wouldn't let me type), but it was easily fixed by clicking on the full editor. This forum seems miles ahead of others in respect to interface, and is extra easy on old iPhones.
  16. March 8 is definitely looking better now , as the King of Poland would greatfuly love to visit your abode. A bit of a ways from my accomodations for the night, but between Google and Metro, I'm sure there is a manner for this wayward traveler to find fine dining. On February 23, I'm hoping to arrive at the GdL before noon, lock up my luggage, per your advice, visit La Fee Verte for nourishment and refreshment, and then head to Luc's for some bottles of good green stuff to take to Occitania, where apparently Ricard & 51 still hold sway.
  17. That is always a good idea. I'll be spending the night of 08March2013 in Paris, hopefully having a drink or twenty, before passing out on the return flight, and it sure would be nice to have company. On my way in, 23Feb2013, I will have a few hours in the middle of the day, I was hoping to raid Luc's place so I can have something green during my two weeks, and PV advised me to have lunch at the Blue Train in the GdL. Drinking with company would also make this part of the trip easier. :cheers
  18. Good things to learn. I'd forgotten that Whiskey is aged for years. I like whiskey and absinthe, but was a bit hesitant of the mix. Could well be quite tasty.
  19. I will be trying to get to Luc's place Saturday the 23rd of the current, and Friday night of March 8th. I'm TGVing it the south, via Gare de Lyon, as I heard it is far more pleasant than the flight, and the TGV stops right outside my workplace.
  20. Nice begining. Although fo rcooking and cocktails, the quality of the ingredients shows in the end product. I find I like the results of cooking with absinthes I like, better than the results of cooking with absinthes I don't like.
  21. The last of the vs.1898 in my old toppette, the bottle will be tucked away for some aging. I'm glad I had only tried Lucid when I met Ted, or I would have geeked out even more. The four Jades are distinct, yet amazing offerings.
  22. The last of my 12-1 batch of MoL, time has been an angel to this absinthe.