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  1. I've been back and forth. And you know how sometimes it takes an era before you come to conclusions about favorites, but Fleur d'Absinthe is definitely it! For some reason i feel like it's underrated and not really discovered by people...
  2. NyQuil... huh... that's so american(!)... : P We don't get NyQuil here... but a lot of people swear by Jagermeister, saying it consists of 70 something herbs which all in all combat most bacterial ailments and the likes... At least it helped me get myself out the door to the store and buy ingredients for soups and stuff. Hehe... for some reason I get socially anxious/incapabe (/agoraphobic) when I'm sick, so Jagermeister helps there, Luscious Oily Lesbians!... Oh well, back to the old traditional methods of vitamins and soups... PS: Maybe I'll have a nightcap absinthe to help me digest the soups, teas and fruits... ; P
  3. Absinthe consists of herbs... Does anybody know if there are any attributes within these herbs which could be beneficial against the flu? I'm having a couple of shots of Jagermeister for the flu now... but then my Absinthe collection caught my eye...
  4. to that I give you an incomprehensible amount and combination of low, middle and high fives in some ritualistic order
  5. Those really seem like signs of excessive drinking OMG_Bill, hahaha! ...I really have to quit saying Luscious Oily Lesbians!...
  6. I only saw it when I became a member for like 2 months ago... and I've just moved apartments so I've prioritised money on so many other things than a calender. But I was hoping the whole way that it wouldnt be removed because I was too late to buy it. I've bought calenders in June/July before, Luscious Oily Lesbians!... actually I dont think I've ever bought a calender on time. Oh well, I'm still a youngster...
  7. Yeah, it went out of hand pretty fast, with a background mead drinking viking culture and all, haha...
  8. Luscious Oily Lesbians! @ the Lt. Louche thing... As far as Norwegian history goes, adding spices to spirit for medicinal purpouses was where it all began. Hence our national drink, Akevit (from Aqua DeVita)... which tastes like shit, Luscious Oily Lesbians!. Maybe indications of medicinal uses could be printed on the back of Absinthe labels... I mean, why not. Absinthe Rx!
  9. Definitely! That calender is a fine piece of art! I don't know how things are run here, but I might advise the calender to be more visible as a product to buy on the Home website page... right under that Absinthe Journal perhaps? Just a thought... (By all means delete the post... but you may let it run its course today and maybe more people will be aware of this calender... who knows...)
  10. Never mind... I found it... via the market/kiosk here... Could an admin delete this thread? I just feel silly having this hanging around here for no reason all of a sudden.
  11. Today is my RueVerte day... beginning of easter, got some paypal cash and I thought why not buy some more absinthes and increase my collection. So I bought 3 bottles and the poster with the kitty licking from a Pontarlier glass (love that picture)... and I had my mind set on that Absinthe Calender! But I cant find it anymore. I know it was either on this site or on RueVerte... but I cant find it anywhere... any ideas? Its a beautiful calender with pictures of glasses and bottles in different setting portraying the months...
  12. I would like to see Absinthe continue to grow in the way it has since it has been popularaly rediscovered lately. I would not like to see it become something related to upper class golf clubs or teenage shot drinkers or something like that... I like it just the way it is, with it's mystique and lore and paralels to the culture that it was born from and thrived in in its heydays...
  13. Wow! This is great, thanks a lot! By the way, I got an answer from the guy who quoted that recipe which I started the thread with... and he basically said that the recipe came from an old cookbook he had.
  14. Hehe... I think that could work out actually, especially from the Load era of Metallica. Anyway, does anyone know what music they played during those times in France - at the bistro's where Absinthe was consumed. I'm really curious about this. Edit: For those others that are curious, I found out Valse Musette was popular in France in 1900... there are compilations out there with this music. If you have spotify, check out: Valse Musette De Paris, I'm listening to the first song... this was more or less exactly what I was looking for and subliminally thinking what the bistro's played during these times...!
  15. So, for the knowledgable here... what would you say is a basic original Absinthe recipe? I know most distillaries have a secret about their recipe the wont reveal, but never the less... within which boundaires and regulations would one go to produce ye olde original Absinthe? Which ingredients and to which parts to a liter for instance?