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  1. Hi everyone - long time no post! I was browsing through the programme for the upcoming Sydney Fringe festival, and discovered the following event: Absinth @ 5 Eliza "Green Fairy, Original Czech Absinth is hosting Masterclass sessions at 5 Eliza. Come along and indulge in the delights of Absinth! Guests will be taken on a journey through the mysteries of this ancient and once forbidden spirit. While enjoying a cocktail you will be encouraged to sample a selection of different Absinth/e and some clever ideas to recreate delicious drinks at home including the famous Green Fairy Wicked Party Punch. To conclude the session, all attendees will leave with a Green Fairy goody bag. Hosted by Gee David (Absinth Aficionado)" Although it doesn't hide being a company event, it's a shame that the organisers didn't make an attempt to give a taste of real Absinthe -l I hope that their Absinth Aficionado doesn't spend the 2 hours telling stories of hallucinations while setting fire to lots of sugar. In a city which contains a great place to experience Absinthe (Absinthe Salon), run by two people who are dedicated to it (Joop & Gaye) this event could be so much better. Unless someone pays for my ticket, I'll be saving my money for a few good drinks on my next trip to the Absinthe Salon
  2. Just got back from the wonderful Absinthe Salon in Sydney, where I had a nice glass of Un Emile Now I'm having a glass of Frangelico before bed...
  3. Brian: I'll definitely write reviews of all the brands I try - I don't really have much experience with identifying and describing flavours, so the reviews might not be as detailed as others on the site. I should get a WS tasting journal Absomphe: I did look at La Grenouille, but I wasn't sure about the "southern herbs" used in it. If you think it would be a good choice for a novice absinthe drinker like me, I might add it to the list. Alan: Thanks for the information. My wife brought over a bottle of Absinthe for me last Christmas, complete with attached spoon, and didn't have any trouble but I'm wary of giving my parents additional stress. I'm looking into the various aspects of getting absinthe into Australia, and if I find out anything more I'll post it on the forum.
  4. Great album Phoenix - I'm not jealous at all I think the way Vignette app takes pictures really fits the subject and composition, so it's work the money. One thing that I'd like to see is some information about what the picture is of (make, where / when / how you got it etc) It's purely because I'm new to the world of Absinthe, and any info is a great help.
  5. Good work Scott - it looks amazing! As soon as it's available online, I will try to get hold of a copy.
  6. Hi guys, I'm hoping to get some advice and recommendations for my next absinthe purchases. As I'm in Australia, the range is quite limited – most liquor stores sell a bottle or two of Czech absinth, but there are a few places that sell authentic Absinthe. The Absinthe Salon obviously sells the high quality selection, and Nicks Wine Merchants seems to have a decent range (although I'm wary of their prices – Jade Verte Suisse 65 for $299 a bottle?!) I'm quite confused about the regulations regarding importing Absinthe here, but I'm considering getting some bottles shipped over if possible. My parents are also coming over in a month, so I'm thinking of asking them to bring it over in their luggage if they can take do it without getting in trouble. Anyway – onto my selections. I was considering ordering from Rueverte.com, and getting St Antoine (3rd or 7th edition), Eichelberger 68 Limitée, and the Absinthexplore Discovery set (as it will give me a idea of 3 other absinthes, and add a new spoon to my collection. Depending on my finances, I might be limited to just one of the bottles. What do you think of the selection, and has anyone had experience with dealing with Rueverte.com? I'll also going to get a bottle of Moulin Rooz from Tambourine Mountain Distillery, as it's an Aussie absinthe and I want to support local industy. Thanks in advance for your replies! -Graham
  7. I find being drunk on absinthe to be different to that of being drunk on other high alcohol spirits - a more 'awake' feeling, almost like my brain was wrapped in cotton wool. At first I assumed it was the thujone as that was what everyone claims was what made it special, but having read the numerous posts on the subject I'm assuming it is, as Brian says, the anethole. Whatever it is, I love it
  8. Welcome to the forum! I've been looking at Rueverte.com as a place to buy Absinthe online, and spotted this which might be useful for you: "In view of laws applicable in Norway, we only ship to that country bottles containing a degree of alcohol inferior or equal to 60°. We thank you for your understanding" Hope it helps!
  9. I was wondering something similar the other day - what is the best / most authentic sugar to use when drinking Absinthe. I never saw the Absinthe Museum's article about sugar, so reading it now (and might have to give making the old-school size a try)
  10. Just resurrecting this topic to say "hello" to a fellow Sydney-based Absinthe drinker. I'd be interested to hear your experiences of getting good brands / deals over here
  11. From one newbie to another, welcome to the forum Some of the recommendations here are going to help me decide on my next bottle too...
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone @LeRoy: as I'm yet to try a really good Absinthe, I have no frame of reference to know how bad they are... @ Brian: I like Serpis, and the fact they make a non-anise version meant my wife could try it too After I posted my intro last night, I realised that it is actually closer to 10 years ago I first tried Absinthe. I have some catching up to do....
  13. Hi everybody! I've joined the forum as part of my quest to learn more about Absinthe and Absinthe culture in general. I have a rather "patchy" history with Absithe, but have enjoyed every glass (this probably says more about my palate than the quality of the drink...) I first tried Absinthe (although it was more likely Absinth) in Barcelona about 8 years ago, in the bar we students had taken over. I have no idea about the brand, but they served it – with coke. In my defence, I knew no better, and I was young and foolish... Despite what you might think, it give me a taste for the green stuff, so I picked up a bottle of the first Absinthe I could, La Fée. At the same time I ordered a couple of their "starter kits" - the ones with a small baootle of Absinthe, a spoon, and sugar cubes. This gave me my first experience of the Absinthe ritual, despite the step about burning the sugar. Since then, I've tried several different Absinthes. Including Abtshof 66, Green Fairy, and Serpis (despite being red, it's probably the only "true" Absinthe on the list...) I now have an idea of what Absinthe really should be, much of it due to this forum, I'm ready to know more. I'm interested in the paraphernalia and history of Absinthe, as well as tasting great brands. As I'm now living in Sydney, I know my options are more limited than when I was in Europe, but I'm looking forward to my first trip to the Absinthe Salon (as soon as I have some money...) Anyway, I'm sure this has rambled on enough, but I have a few more horror stories to tell in the future - Graham