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  1. ok I'm impressed


    Duplais verte. to about 2 parts water and about 1/3 of one of those sugar cubes wrapped in paper

    that says absinthe.


    Suddenly I can imagine gilt-aged Paris obsessed. It all makes sense now.


    No fair that this site's formatting is such an ubuntu challenge. Just have to deal with the weirdnesses.


    What now? I can't afford $72 a bottle. Just bought a clearance $40 Kübler but didn't like it so much.


    Have to go- I think Edgar is at the door...

  2. To oversimplify, I would say that Lucid is considered the Budwiser of absinthe; good for what it is, consistent but not remarkable. Kübler would be the Becks or Heineken of absinthe. Vieux Carre would be the Sam Adams. Grand Absente would be kinda like the Odouls in that it's missing the main component that makes it absinthe


    That's actually very helpful. Kübler is only $60 a litre and due for a closeout reduction next month so that's probably a decent plan although someone whose judgement I tend to trust told me American absinthes taste like lemonade and I'm in a vulnerable situation here- I hate to emphasize cost but then $60 is a good ways toward probably $80-90 to access a bigger selection. I've been looking through

    the reviews but honestly getting more confused the more I read. I'll just have to risk another choice but I wish it could be an ultimate that would truly transport me to a table across a crowded bistro from Edgar Degas and his friends. -prone2obsess

  3. Hello- first I admit the initial or most of the attraction to trying absinthe is

    the romantic notion of becoming part of one of those great impressionist

    paintings. I read about this years back when it was still considered

    poison and only found out about the current situation by reading the promotional

    magazine at my local spirits shop. I'm duly amazed at what's I've read and

    seen so far by tapping in via internet. Unfortunately I ordered what I too late

    read was a lousy example the notorious Stong68- I went from extreme anticipation

    to heart break before it even arrived. Alas but I am too cheap to not drink

    it anyway and besides I hadn't even tried Absinthe. So Saturday I attempted

    to become one of those people from the 1890's, though I don't have the correct

    clothes, and tried a Strong68 louche. Thus now I have a couple questions

    that I'm hoping at least a few of you will answer for me: 1. I realize this may be

    difficult but how would you describe the difference between what I tried and

    something you consider a good example? Bitter is not a word I'd use to describe

    the taste and 2. should I decide a 2nd try is it worth paying shipping again for

    something from Europe->Pennsylania, or locally I could get

    a.Grande Absente Absinthe Originale 138 Proof b.Kübler Absinthe Swiss Superieure 106 Proof

    c. Vieux Carre Absinthe 120 proof d. Lucid Absinthe Superieure

    Vs. I was considering [based on the seller's description [ Amer72 or I'm open

    to suggestions if not high price because I may still decide I don't like this.


    But I'm duly fascinated so planning to see this through. I do like a wide range of

    cuisines, intense flavors like extreme spice / hot peppers / stinky fishes like anchovies

    and sardines / etc. So I'm not afraid of the incredibly intense licorice-like experience

    I had last Saturday.


    My apologies for the long post, what is probably a boring problem for all of you,

    and sharing yet another new-to-this here-because-of-absinthe-history.


    Thanks for reading- prone2obsess ps. and sorry for firefox via Ubuntu is making your format

    tools a little hard to use but I'll figure it out over time- there are several fixes I'd make to

    my post if I could.