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  1. Hey thanks for the many kind welcomes! My delayed valentines trip to my sort-of-local absinthe-having bar got hijacked by a scratch&dent can't pass up at the local depot on a new dishwasher. I like to think of it as just a little more savings I can put toward a glass and saucer. So I made a fire in the fireplace and thought about words I read on this forum: The basic tools of the absintheur are essentially a spoon, glass, sugar cube, chilled water, and absinthe. None of the other objects are actually necessary to prepare the drink, but they are imperative for instigating a type of visual hypnosis and bringing richness to the ceremony.--Betina J. Wittels So I wait a little longer to enjoy more absinthe. But I found something to do with that time. I enjoyed a couple or four hours reading Retrogarde's expirment in time travel to 1911. It was a terrific journey! And getting to see this was worth the read!! By the way seeing the "touche" was very funny to realize... Damn these spell checkers- and yet I'd be so very bad without them! When you mispell often, you click that "change" button pretty fast-- Louche! Brian, as soon as White's Ferry reopens for spring I'll be over that way! Actually, I'm up for a drive most weekends- let me know when looks good. Is it me or does that see-saw breulier look too small for the iced water needed? George
  2. Hi- I've really enjoyed recently reading this forum! A few weeks ago after working a wedding reception, I gave a coworker a ride back to his truck shortly after 1am. He said, hey, you got to check out this cool nearby place for one drink! I said sure, why not... While soaking in the whole decor I spotted a stylish contraption on the small bar in the back and looked at my friend and said, "hey! isn't that a... um.. an absinthe thingy?" Thankfully the knowledgeable bartender was there to step in (my friend had gotten me this far, but had now run out of helpful informative things to say...) Time did slow down as I looked over the menu of more than a half-dozen absinthes. I decided on my name-sake, St. George-- quickly noting and appreciating the monkey ringing a bell on the label. We thoroughly enjoyed the absinthe, the dripping ritual and touché effect (will try it without the sugarblock next time.) I had read an article or three about absinthe several years ago, but really never gave it another thought. My thoughts are now very much intrigued with the whole history and new culture of absinthe. I like doing my homework about all things in general, but when something has such a lot of misinformation out there already, I enjoy finding and learning the real deal all the more. Later when I learned how many interesting and stylish glasses, spoons, drippers, and fountains there are, I knew I would be getting into absinthe for the long term. Thankfully the cost will pace my purchases so that I will have ample time to research options. And thankfully this forum is here to help me learn. My first might even be a home-made fountain after reading those posts and seeing such inspired work from other members. The cost per bottle is definitely a commitment, so I'm looking forward to taking my wife back to this DC bar and try some other absinthes, especially the Vieux Carre from PA. The name of the bar is Wisdom Lounge and Bluecoat Gin Palace, sorta near Eastern Market in DC. The owner Erik Holzherr strikes me as a very knowledgeable, likeable, talented mixologist who has a terrific vision and way of inviting people into appreciating a new world of crafted cocktails. If you're ever in the DC area it's definitely worth a visit! I think the neatest photo I've seen so far on the forum (and there is a lot to read) has been the project which made a carrycase for 2 glasses, bottle, and Cusenier brouiller. So cool! I'll have to search for some reviews of the see-saw dripper on ebay from Seven Seas Sales in Portland at $40ish. And I'll keep reading the forum's reviews of glasses to decide which and how many to get started with. So, hi, I lurk no more! Cheers!! George in Germantown, Maryland, north of DC-- just far enough from that bar that it makes getting there (and back) a huge pain- or a special journey, depending on how you look at it.