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  1. Neat, 2-3 at a time, with a Rocky Patel 1992 is usually how I enjoy them. Finding a nice view and a cool breeze makes for optimum experience.
  2. I too have had that pan spoon on my amazon wishlist for a long time. Alas, no takers. *sigh*
  3. Sweet. Just picked mine up and re-posted it through our band site. Nice job!
  4. this sounds fantastic. I'll definitely be trying it out
  5. Glad to hear it's finally available mail order. No word on what's going on with the stock at Stacole by chance? I'd much rather source it local to cultivate sales here, but if it's cloudy I'll just order some from DUNY
  6. Best wishes for your name day. Drink one for us all...wait don't do that. Just drink a few.
  7. I feel your pain man. We've had a number of pretty solid cajun resturaunts open up that carry a few decent if not great absinthes and every time I order it I regret it. The staff has no idea what it's for besides that it's "in a hand grenade" and my best attempt was a night I convinced them to bring be a glass of ice water and some sugar. I actually caught one of the staff in a local liquor store and basically had to pick out bottle for her so she didn't leave with "green apple jolly rancher" tinted grain alcohol. I was also sad as some of the rest of you have already noted to find the old absinthe house covered in budweiser banners and tv's the last time I was there as well. I stopped and had a drink despite it just to say I had been there, but it was a far cry from the romantic notion of earlier times, or at least drinking in the same spot as Crowley.
  8. Gorgeous piece, but these days, I just can't seem not to destroy anything I stomp on within a year. Guess it's time to downgrade to lighter boots...
  9. nny12345


    Don't know if this has already been posted, but in my travels of steampunk this is one of my favorite items. http://boingboing.net/2009/05/20/steampunk-guitar-amp.html The only thing that makes me a little sad is it's not the choicest internal amp workings, but the spirit is there. The same guy makes some other amazing pieces as well. Guess the cat's out of the bag on the steam punk secret garden wedding theme...
  10. This sounds great as well. We made some absinthe truffles (with the help of my fiancee's father who is a skilled chocolatier) for a holiday party gift last december, and they went over very well ( we have people begging us for them as wedding favors actually). It's a little tricky though as the higher alcohol content of the absinthe makes it tricky to dilute enough to maintain flavor while still allowing the chocolate to set up.
  11. My fiancee will pop right through the roof when she see's this. Thanks for the tip off!
  12. Investigated it pretty heavily. It's an interesting proposal, but I'm not at liberty to discuss it much (they made me sign a confidentiality agreement). A bit beyond my means at the moment.
  13. Have to investigate this one. Not too far from me.
  14. I've got a few tracks that might be fun for it. They are previously published though, so don't by any means feel obligated if you've got new material. I'll send them over.
  15. I'm a whiskey lover at heart myself as well, particularly bourbons. For those of you who are sitting the line on neat vs. iced, I highly recommend Blanton's. It's perhaps one of the smoothest whiskey's I've had with out need for rocks or water. I tend to enjoy a touch of chill though for my normal cap (this is florida, and it's beastly hot most of the year) but I also highly recommend the use of "whiskey stones" or "bourbon balls" (essentially large spheres of ice frozen so solid they don't really have a chance to melt much before you finish a standard pour. Eagle rare and Maker's 46 are also great for a lower price point, and I've recently become endeared to the evan williams single barrel vintage for those weeks when funds are tight. Also, highly recommend Mitcher's single barrel rye for a very nice sazerac, and redbreast for irish whiskey fans. (edit to remove quotes)