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  1. older thread here but I thought I'd post. While recently in San Francisco with the girls I picked up Acid cigars because the girls wanted to smoke for the first time. I knew an Acid would go over well with the sweeter taste, and now they want to hang out and smoke more often. Last night I had an absinthe and cigar night myself, good stuff.
  2. aw perfecto, why I didn't think of that myself I have no idea.
  3. In Seattle, so far Tini Biggs, the Pink Door (burlesque shows, fun) and Tavern Law are my three favorite places to score some absinthe right now. Last night I had some at a small pub about 40 miles south of Seattle and was disappointed by the delivery... When you guys ask a bartender or waiter(waitress) for an Absinthe, and they look at you kinda dumbfounded like they're not sure how to serve it, what do you say? I think half of them actually think I want a shot. I did have a great little concoction last night that essentially consisted of muddled lemon, mint leaves, and absente. it was pretty darn good.
  4. I thought I remembered that to be the case. just wasn't sure. Anyone in WA carrying Marteau yet?
  5. one I know I haven't tried yet is Marteau, which is made local to Seattle, right? I'd like to if anyone can point me to it.
  6. I've made it a point to order Absinthe everywhere I go, to try different brands and see what different people serve. I can't even tell you how many different labels i've tried now (although I think Pacifique is still my favorite). In San Fransisco last weekend, one bar served it on ice in a rocks glass. That was odd, but a tasty treat nonetheless. A speak easy in SF which required a password to get in (very fun) served it very well with a beautiful absinthe glass, spoon (for no reason, the provided no sugar), and a small carafe of not-cold-enough-water. They even made it a point to ask me "if I know how to drink absinthe"! well even though the atmosphere was amazing, the absinthe was great, the hardware excellent, the water was basically warm and there was only about half as much as I'd prefer. in Tacoma at the Swiss, they now offer absinthe. I saw them serve it in basically a large shot glass, and they even added the theatrics of lighting the sugar on fire (i haven't seen that since mexico!). My favorite served glass of absinthe is Tini Biggs in Seattle, and my favorite all around experience in the Pink Room, also in Seattle. They always have a good Absinthe to offer and I love the perfectly iced water, carafe, etc. I think the experience is half the fun for me. I do love this stuff though. Please dont consider the above to be criticisms. I just like to take note of how my favorite drink is served in different places its not simply like pouring a shot of Jack Daniels over ice if you ask me
  7. Maybe Tini Bigs in the near future? I actually have a groupon I need to burn there anyways, Next weekend I can't, I'll be in B.C..
  8. the can can is actually like right across the street during renovation. You know the little donut vendor in Pike? the Can Can's temporary hideout is up the stairs from them.
  9. I actually live just a few minutes outside of Seattle but spend as much time in the city as possible
  10. If you are staying at the Red Lion on 5th you are staying in one of my favorite areas of all of Seattle. Tini Bigs is a $8 cab ride to your north (Absinthe), the Pink Door Cabaret and Pike is just a few minutes/blocks west towards the water, and pioneer square a short cab ride to your south. Sodo is a bit of a juant though so I think I'd recommend the cab or the car to Marteau.
  11. Very cool. the picture below is the extent of my 'gear' collection. It was a Christmas gift from mom. Fountain, two spoons, two glasses to get me started. I love it!
  12. thats a great find where did you find it for 8?
  13. thanks for the link Phoenix, I'm still trying to learn what the different spoon #'s and whatnot mean. That Eiffel commemoration spoon is pretty cool http://www.oxygenee.com/absinthe/spoons4.html
  14. very cool, only thing better than a French friend is a... well I can't think of anything right now because I like the French I know. L.O.L. I gotta say I did hit some antique shops and was both disappointed and happy that I found no absinthe related gear. If it was too common I may not be as interested, Luscious Oily Lesbians! <-- I'm just leaving it this time, haha