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  1. hahah! Hello from Carson! :D Glad to have one more of us Battle Born roaming around here.
  2. Indeed sir. I typically prefer going to my local lounge, even though it is slightly overpriced. The company is well worth it.
  3. Double apple and 7 spice. Just like momma's apple pie :D hahahaha, Brian, you reminded me of something my mom told me when I picked up cigars. Apparently back in her day, she's almost sixty mind you, the 'bad boys' would get cigars "this big" *insert photograph of fisherman-style-arm-measurement* and inhale 'em. Then they'd pretend to be all tough when their stomach started crawling out of their mouths, I'd imagine.
  4. Whoof. Finally have internet again. Well I've got a second and third hookah since my last interloping into this thread, and I must say, I am in LOVE with Absolute Zero by Social Smoke. Angie, Blue Mist is very fine but smoking it on an empty stomach will be very harsh just so you know. If anything my best recommendation is Hookah-Hookah tobacco, good quality tobacco, the flavors are widespread and magnificently flavorful. And you can mix almost anything. (Double apple + butterscotch = caramel apples) I've been smoking much more since I got my job, during the weekends I'm at a minimum of one bowl a day with the occasional sneak during the workweek (but don't tell my boss ;D) I'm hoping to try the rest of my new flavors this week, spent twenty dollars on shisha. And since I'm expecting to be unemployed for a week or two, I may just have the chance. In the meantime though, How 'bout someone starts a shisha review thread eh? I'm feelin' it. I'd do it myself. But I'm shy :P Also: my new baby,
  5. When do you think this'll be available in the US, come to think of it, eh?
  6. Well that's good to know, Joe! I've never looked into them much myself. So I found it a little funny that one walked right into me. heh. And I appreciate the compliment ;D I'm not really minding the high, sharp alcohol flavor and smell of it so much as I do mind that the only other flavor is licorice. It's just boring, hahaha. So I figure I'm going to get pretty inventive with this. Although I found that Aloha raised their prices of late, so I don't think I'll be grabbing much else for a while. But they at least have Opaline for 80 bucks.
  7. I'm wondering what happened to the cake afterward...
  8. I was gifted a pastis a few days ago (Absente) and found it a little too unsavory to take straight on. So I decided after my second glass to go inventive. The sudden cold shock of snow that rolled in inspired me. Serves one You will need 2oz milk ice cream (I used pecan) two ice cubes chocolate fudge (And/or) pure honey Absinthe (or if you're brave, pastis), 1/2oz to an ounce for the preparation, you'll want to blend all the ingredients except for the absinthe, get it smooth, add more ice if you like it thick. Once blended you splash in the absinthe, sir and enjoy Not entirely sure it should be considered a cocktail, but it was damn delicious enough for me to mention it. Makes me wonder how it'd feel if I used baileys instead of milk
  9. You forgot that she (mother) laced Cyril's absinthe glass to KO him for the blood transfer. hahahaha. What a sad waste of a good drink though...
  10. Grammaticlisms? isn't that them things that be happ'n'n up in the ground there?
  11. Can you think of any better use for LTV? I mean. I could maybe make the bottle into a hookah base, but, that's not the actual drink. So... Actually now looking at it, an LTV bottle would make a KICKASS hookah base. Anyone wanna send me a (hopefully empty) bottle? :D It'd be a great hit at the local lounge.
  12. This is actually the exact kind of reply I was hoping for in fact. A sharing of experiences, not so much a taste-bud cheat sheet. loving the response to this though.
  13. that was just the third story, there were two before it actually. The title was rather long, I remember finding it by pure luck (googled a quote right before the movie ended) but I cannot remember anything about it. :/
  14. I've been spending a lot of time lurking around the reviews, and the blind tasting section of the forum and it occurred to me that perhaps some other aspiring absintheurs like myself might one day want to try building reviews and joining the blind tastings. Then a question poked out from the depths of my soggy braincasing. There are a variety of flavors, both subtle and apparent, present in a good absinthe, but not everyone who might be interested in reviewing might know how to detect or identify them from simple lack of experience, a lot of us now'a'days only wind up sensing a handful of flavors early on. Most of them extremely sugary or overtly savory, simplistic flavors. Something one hopes to NOT find in absinthe. I'm curious as to how others have built their discerning tastes, and how the newcomers like myself might go about it. Just sampling would only be of limited use, without the proper knowledge of how to distinguish the flavors and key notes. At least I would assume so. I know my tea well, black tea especially. So I can break down the flavors and scents pretty well, but give me oolong, or white tea, and I'm a little overwhelmed with the more delicate flavors and how to describe them. Because I have less firsthand experience as well as knowledge about them.
  15. I'm not entirely sure if they have much in the way of historic articles on absinthe, but the virtual absinthe museum ( http://www.oxygenee.com/absinthe/ ) has quite a bit of literature on the subject itself, as well as a small handful of films. I'd honestly prefer a movie from the early days. I remember one film, it was one of the first times (if not the only time) I've seen absinthe in film. I cannot catch the name but the premise was a story of three different people. One was a young boy who disliked having to be tutored and cared for by his French caregiver. One day he meets a woman known by the children of the town as "the old witch" (who is in fact drinking absinthe) and she grants him his wish in a manner of speaking. Very fun movie, little bit of drama, little bit of laughs. I could have sworn Greta Garbo was in it, but looking up her IMDB credits, it seems not.
  16. What all they said, with extra exclamation points for each. :D
  17. I would sincerely hope not. Did you all catch the story and pics of that bright pink dolphin in Louisiana last year? That sounds rather dirty.
  18. Glad to meet you! I'm sure you'll find any well-recommended absinthe here to be a delightful sensory experience. Also, be SURE to try Strong68* *If your taste buds are ever suicidal.
  19. Exactly my sentiment Titus, exactly my sentiment.
  20. I would sincerely hope not. As that Manatee would likely have a very saddening addiction to hallucinogens. And I'm pretty sure Greens aren't the same thing as mushrooms. At the very least, the former is much leafier than the latter.
  21. I do honestly love Zhena's Gypsy Teas. Cloth satchels, high quality tea, which is apparently fair trade. ( <-- Fair? I don't know) link: http://www.gypsytea.com/ I honestly love their black teas most of all. My mother used to get them from the food pantry when we lived in MA, but we can't find any out here for the life of me. All the good food is back in the East.
  22. Reiterating initiated. Bill, look at your own picture. You need to try sushi. (Assuming it's a fish. As far as I can tell it is.)
  23. appreciate it, Tech. one of my favorite (So far) modern occult writers would be Jason Miller. I also really enjoyed Foxglove's Advancing the Witches Craft. Took me two years to get through including meditations, but it was well worth the time and money, in my opinion. But as he has written only one book (not including Slaughterhouse) that I know of, can't say he's my favorite. Looking at Zanoni, it sounds good.