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  1. AP speads underground like crazy. ..... I suspect that AA is the same but it takes longer. I noticed my AA stems that laid over & touched the ground put a root into the soil. Are you referring to AP or the WS?
  2. This is Pontica.... Small light & fluffy. Never gets too high off the ground by itself. (Unlike some people I know)
  3. It does indeeed grow well here. Mine's in potting soil mixed with local dirt on top of peat moss.
  4. I might as well throw in my .02 cents worth. The pontica plants are recognizable as a fairly early age - maybe 3-4 weeks old. They are a fine delicate lacey plant. Companion mis-shipped me two years ago too. However, I have the answers to your prayers. I have lots of AP growing in raised beds right now! AND if you are a member of the WW Society (who said there were no benifits to membership?) you have a source - FREE! Just pay for the shipping and packageing or pick some up here in Seattle by appointment. I'll dig some up. Just let me know. And it is true that root propagation is the way - in fact you can't stop 'em - they are prolific little devils - they are some kinda weed after all. Mine didn't blossom last season (first transplant year), so I am hoping they will bud soon. I have a friend that has some up the street and his blossomed last year. He has 100% full sun all day but my plants only get 60% sun. If mine don't bud this year - I'm putting them on the roof. I don't think it is mandatory tho for AP to blossom but I would like to compare the difference. They do not get to be 36" tall Abbey so you have not got Pontica. I have about a pound of dried Pontica laying around right now and about 3 sq. yards of live plants about 12" high.
  5. Here Here! I'll drink to that. A pleasant drink is what I like.
  6. My fez needs a workout - whens the next one?
  7. Sorry I have been gone so long I feel like a newbie, but never fear! I am lurking. (Sipping a nice fresh Montpellier)
  8. Good luck with that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I prefer that my friends not like it. My bottles last longer.....
  9. I am posting this simply to get the post count up.....
  10. Just a note to let you all know that I am still alive. Whens the next do?
  11. The Vark isback with a new liver too!
  12. Uhmm excuse me but I believe the grammer is slightly different...