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  1. I didn't realize Vegas was dry these days. - Steve
  2. I'll be heading to Vegas in August for DefCon. Coming from Austin, I have an interest in picking up some Absinthe that isn't available here (which is quite a long list - thanks TABC). Are there any exceptional liquor stores in Las Vegas for purchasing good Absinthe? - Steve
  3. Really? It's been over a year and we haven't even talked about getting together? Maybe it's time.
  4. Excellent glass, Joe. I did see that one online and wondered if the size and markings would suffice. Sounds like it would be a good choice. Brian, I've PMed you on your generous offer. Thank you both so much for responding! - Steve
  5. I am in the market to purchase an absinthe glass (or two) in an antique style (or, dare I ask, an actual Époque-period glass) in a smaller size and preferably with a fill score on the outside. I'm looking for something sized appropriately for sampling (12-17ml doses) rather than everyday drinking amounts. If you have anything like this for sale or could point me in the right direction, I would very grateful. - Steve
  6. If anyone is still looking, there are at least a few bottles still available at Heights Chateau: http://www.heightsch...d=32/index.html
  7. Well crud. Turns out I have a few family matters that will preclude my ability to get together before next week. Grrrrr. Hope the show goes well, Eric. Please let us know when the next one will be. Hopefully I can make that. - Steve
  8. I'm down for it too! Can't wait. - Steve
  9. FWIW: Catskill Cellars is now stating that "This limited availability item is momentarily sold out~ ETA late June". Good news for people still looking to purchase the elusive feline. - Steve
  10. My experience with LoveOfFrance.com has been very positive. They shipped my first order on Friday (6/1) and it arrived today (6/4). One glass in my second order wasn't available (still looking for the double bubble, if anyone knows where I can get one at a decent price). They notified me quickly and we worked out an amicable solution. One glass in the first shipment arrived with a crack and they didn't hesitate to send out a replacement with a shipping label for the return. Very prompt. Very professional. Exceptional customer service. Good products at a great price. I will definitely purchase from them again. - Steve
  11. Well, I couldn't hold out and picked up the other three SP absinthe glasses. Now I'm poor, but I can't wait to receive the boxes and get rid of my second-rate stemware! No problem, Jay. I got them all from LoveOfFrance.com. Here's a link to the St Jacques Glass. I think I may have picked up the last Bubble glass (at least for now). They still have it (hidden) on the site, but it's not listed on the main search for premium absinthe glasses and the page says they'll resume shipping on Jan 4th (maybe they meant June 4th?). Of the six absinthe glasses SP made, here are links to the two that are hidden on the Love of France site: Double Bubble Absinthe Glass Bubble Absinthe Glass They may write back to me and say they can't ship the Double Bubble glass, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. - Steve (edit: removed link to double bubble glass since its definitely sold out)
  12. Even though this thread is a little aged, since it referenced the Simon Pearce absinthe glasses, I decided to post here. I just purchased three of these glasses (Bubble, Pontarlier, and St. Jacques) and look forward to them arriving soon. One I could not locate for sale was the Double Bubble glass. I'm not sure I'd use it often, but I'd like to see if anyone knows where I might find one of these beautiful glasses these days. Thanks, - Steve
  13. I know there are many collectors here. For me, rarity and price are less important than quality. The three may often go hand in hand, but my cabinet is full of spirits that are readily available, affordable, and I thoroughly enjoy. Best of luck with your sale.