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  1. In fact, that number is probably quite high considering one can grow quite a few of the herbs one self and end up with better quality herbs. Melissa Hyssops AP AA The only herbs one really needs to purchase are probably Fennel and Anise. Yes, this does require some time and effort. However, if properly worked into landscaping it just is part of Yard work one does and impunes no penalty. If one had access to wild Scupernongs, one could make a kick ass wine base as well.
  2. Oscar, sorry I won't be able to make it. Too late to ship a stand in voo-doo doll and have it arrive in time I suspect.
  3. i just KNEW you secretly hated me! welcome, spucky! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yea, but everybody hates you. I'm just the only one to admit it.
  4. Since there are some here who probably haven't seen me (posts) before. I'm an old fart. I like absinthe. I don't' tolerate fools well, though I'm slow to rile. Hi.
  5. Arsenic and cianide are natural compounds so they are also good for you.
  6. Just don't try putting 20mL of wormwood oil in a 1Lbottle of absinth or your will trip ballz™. My wife bought me a bottle of Anise Oil once. I sniffed it and then I think I threw it out since I can't find it any more. No real aroma to it.
  7. There is a style of beer known as Ice beer (e.g. Eis Bock). It is made by brewing a normal beer and once fermentation is complete, partially freezing it and removing part of the ice. The beer it then allowed to stabilize above freezing and finished. Aventinus Eis Bock According to US law, this is illegal as it concentrates alcohol. Any method of concentrating alcohol is considered 'Distillation' under federal law, whether it involves heat or not.
  8. As long as I don't get my domains switched.
  9. About a quarter are floppies. The rest are Magneto-Optical disks. Man, I gotta start using the Spell Check button.
  10. If you can get a shop to do it, go for that. The only reliable way to drill glass that I am aware of is to use a drill press or mill/drill with a tubular copper bit and abrasive slurry. It actually grinds the hole through the glass. It is slow, but works. Trying to drill by hand produces very uneven stresses and is prone to cracks. Light and even pressure is the key. Good luck. Oh, yea, Hi everyone.