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  1. Good thing I passed. Got side swiped by an 'uninsured motorist' today. I'll have to pay the deductible.($500) to get the truck fixed. I think someone painted a target on me. At least no one got hurt.
  2. Don Pedro Brandy. Night Terror Trippel Nice IPA. I bought a bottle of Lucid today to take to Key West this weekend. I need to buy some (cheap) champagne to take as well.
  3. Wishes for a Happy Aniversary on your day of being!
  4. I'd rather drink Lucid than La Fee as well, except the one way La Fee is good and that is in an Eye Opener (added to coffee). Does anyone know if the LFP is the same as the original LF from years back? If so it is an artifically coloured oil mix. I've still got part of my original bottle of LF left and it would be interesting to compare to the LFP.
  5. From what I know, and have experienced, from New Belgium Brewing I'm sure they did a pilot brew and tweaked the herbs and spices before doing a full run of it. It is probably pretty good.
  6. Still eating Gumbo. I made two gallons and I'm the only one eating it. I pressure canned most of it. Beer floats - Good whole bean vanilla ice cream with Rodenbach Grand Cru. The sweet icecream is a wonderful compliment to the sour beer with tart cherry in it.
  7. Bo Diddley Another great has moved on.
  8. Damn! I am truly sorry to hear of his passing. I lost my mom to cancer in 81, and understand to some degree the toll it takes. Please pass on my regards and condolences to his family, and know what he and his family/friends are in our prayers.
  9. I got 5 gallons of blueberry (varietal honey) mead in a keg and carbonated. I'm waiting for a shipment of spices from the middle east (including KTMD) to make a batch of Methglen. I need to bottle the Black Currant Mead and Tart Cherry mead, but am short of bottles. I guess I need to drink more commercial beer.
  10. Cheers Chris! Wishes for a happy aniversary of your day of being!
  11. Would button braces be more period correct than suspenders?
  12. Oaked Gin from a generous person. I kegged a Russian Imperial Stout today, and chilled a 2L bottle of it. Much better than it was a couple of weeks ago. I think I'll bottle a few bottles to take to CA on Monday and hope the inspectors don't confiscate it. Now on to 'Night Terror', a Belgian Trippel.
  13. (Billy) Crash Craddock? Is that you? Daymn, where you been?
  14. Go to Wormwood Society Discussion Forums - Read This First - Forum Rules and Terms of Service: Item number 10 is: 10. No Hobbyist Distilling Discussion; Don't Ask, Don't Tell. This is not the place. Steepsinthe, ie home made macerated attempts will result in unmitigated drek.
  15. I've got Noilly Pratt, I avoid M&R if I can.
  16. Ten fingers, Ten toes. Here is to a healthy child and easy birth for the mom. Cheers. Take the Lamas (sp) course.
  17. Sweet! I wonder why I couldn't log in from my dad's this weekend? Oh well.
  18. Hmmm. If I ever run across the creme de violette I'll have to give that a try. Mean time, tonight is the last of the BigAssBeerExchange. Two bottles of Keller Bier and a small bottle of what looks like Apple Butter Cyser. Next Friday it will be back to Absinthe.
  19. The Perfect Bartender by Tom Bullock Free PDF with a couple mentions of Absinthe.
  20. Friday Night BABE beer exchange. Tonight's line up starts with a 22oz bottle of 11.35% Malt Liquor, followed by a 13.6% blended wee heavy / Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine, and finishes with a 6 year old Tart Cherry Oud Bruin (2nd BOS for the Blue Ridge Brew Off). I probably won't make it to a glass of Absinthe till tomorrow some time.