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  1. okay, I see that I can post on Sapphire and its precessor "Roger". Which makes me kind of happy ,so I can discuss these and others here. regarding the edges in my posts,no this isn´t the reason why I got banned,I posted a bit harsh on purpose for I think banning people in the already small absinthe community because they write something "bad"about Mansinthe and postings "illegal"products as Sapphire,is really not the fine english way (if you know what I mean). Well his loss,i´ll get my absinthes somewhere else! @Boggy:Peter has nothing to do with absinthe.de ,he wrote some posts here & there, but same with my posts, they didn´t really share his opinion....
  2. yup ,this is the reason why it is my fave Bleue....
  3. dear absintheurs, I was wondering if moderators here are as thin-skinned as Markus (absinthe.de/absinthe-forum.de),for I need to know if I will get banned too for posting SAPPHIRE posts (for it is illegal!!!!)OR for NOT ARSELICKING MATTER products. Or are you americans more open to GOOD absinthes legal or not (not only Matter products!!!)and willing to discuss any absinthe?? thANKS
  4. hmmm...what a pity just wanted to order something No,seriously ...as you know when one door closes another one opens widely...
  5. I ´m drinking some Maison Alandia 72° and some more Duplais 68°....hmmm the fennel aftertaste is a bit disturbing (Alandia) but still a great verte....
  6. @Boggy: as far as I know mead is very famous around neo-pagan-folk -party-"metalheads" over here....but mainly to get wasted!!!so they get the very sulphuric supermarket drinks
  7. started with Blanchette,followed up with Sapphire. Now sitting in front of Duplais verte & preparing an Angelique 72°.....it´ll be a good winternight here in Munich
  8. here´s some nice absinthe related art....
  9. Sorry but the Robette is not by Mucha but by Henri Privat-Livemont http://www.feeverte.net/gallery/pages/Absi...t-Livemont.html
  10. has anybody ever tried a Robette(one of the few belgian absinthes) actually. I find it very amusing that everyone knows this picture but no one has ever tried a Robette!!!!
  11. another glass of Sapphire and some LA valote (Martin)
  12. aahh it seems that we have the same taste concerning Sapphire/Roger. As far as I can see it´s the same bottle(without label) as my first Roger (on the right side of my pic),the second one is the newer bottle I´ve got my hands on. as to preban,you´re definately right. I think some of the newer absinthes are very close to prebans (or even better ??)!
  13. Thanks for the info,I ´ve had several chances to buy some samples of preban absinthes....but the prices are just too high!!!(50€ for 0,01L Pernod 1904 is too much!!) @Boggy: As concerning Roger,I never said anything about breaking the limits or this being the reason why it is my fave drink (still have 1 and a half bottle left),it´s the very intense wormwoodtaste that makes it delicious to me. Could you inform me where you got your bottle(s) from?As far as I know it was never really officially for sale. And was your bottle the same as the Sapphire bottle or another bottle (for I have both,see pic).
  14. Hi , I was actually wondering if the preban absinthes are legal (Europe)to buy,sell or even to drink? As far as I know absinthe are legal(to the certain amount of thujone included),but I don´t know about the preban stuff (it should still be illegal logically ,isn´t it?) Anybody heard of the "Prototype"called Roger ,it´s the precessor of Sapphire,with even more wormwood added? Thanks D.