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  1. Planning a visit next week, open on Fridays?
  2. I'm coming into town for a weekend convention the end of this month, any suggestions? Nice place to hangout sip some and maybe listen to some good music? Saying at the Red Lion.
  3. Awesome, I'll be in Seattle the last weekend in March. Plan on going to Marteau , do you know how far that is from the Red Lion Hotel? I appreciate your sharing the "stops" you made, I will have to follow your lead...I can't wait
  4. I've "turned " a couple here in Charlotte but the problem is its not readily available in the area. The state run liquor stores carry a couple but they really haven't a clue when I asked about it. They do have Lucid now and Van Gogh but that's about it. Most I speak to argue with me that it's illegal ...so there is the mindset around here. I'm glad I found the Society here.
  5. Ordered mine , could possibly be ordering 50 or 60 for the Absinthe at Sea Cruise...I think it would make a nice Thank You gift for participants...maybe even both volumes as a set!!!
  6. Enjoy it...the weekend's here, Holiday parties for our neighborhood. Absinthe will be on the menu of course. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!! Tony
  7. Thank you...you live in Huntington....I grew up in East Northport, I went to John Glenn High School
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone, look forward to participating and of course partaking with the excellent reviews and discussions as my guide.
  9. I haven't been around it long but quickly got hooked on the "Absinthe World". Tony T. WWW.ShipAhoyCP.com