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  1. The name MrGreenGenes referrs not to the Capt'n Kangaroo character "Mr. Green Jeans" but to a Frank Zappa track called "Son of Mr. Green Genes." I'm offen attracted to things not appreciated by most people, such as Frank Zappa music and absinthe, so I came up with a handle that referred to both Zappa and Fee Verte. I use the same handle on louchedlouge and feeverte.net The Avatar shot was taken last week during a vacation in Yosemite Valley. The absinthe is Jade Nouvelle-Orlans and I'm using a wine glass because the Yosemite gift shop didn't have any Pontarlier style glasses. But regardless of the glass, there are few things better after a hike than a glass of fine absinthe made with pure water from California's High Sierra.
  2. The cheap, pre-ban swill must have really been nasty for the medical establishment to classify absinthe addiction separate from plain old alchohol addiction.
  3. The world's most expensive charcoal lighting fluid.
  4. Hey! How'd you do that? Are we allowed to say thujone here?
  5. Very funny - you all know what the label read.
  6. The Eruotrip Green Fairy was played by the guy who played the irritating comic Bania in Seinfeld. I listened to the commentary on the absinthe scene to hear if the filmakers talked about their expereinces with absinthe, but all they said was that the glowing green liquid used in the scene was so toxic they had to clear the set for a hazardious waste cleanup after breaking a bottle in the dance shot. Note: The label read "70 PERCENT ALKOHOL" What country uses that spelling? ALSO: The label read "fake czech swill," but the scene selection menu read "Absinthe." So at least the DVD designer was knowledgeable.
  7. Jack, Why would commercial distilled products not recycle their tails? With recycled tails, a distiller is still using the distillation output, albeit in the next batch, and it only improves the quality and consistancy of the final product without adding to the cost.
  8. Dawn mentioned Carnival above. In this HBO series about a traveling circus in the 1930s, there is a blind absinthe-drinking character named Lodes who is a mentalist - one of those performers that handles objects such a watches, jewellry, peices of clothing, etc, and starts picking up personal information about the owner. It's a rather dark story with fascinating characters who have some sort of mystical relationship with eath other that hasn't yet been clearly explained in the series. My opinion is that the sort of people who tend to be attracted to absinthe are also the people who would enjoy this series. Carnival is currently being rerun on HBO and a 2nd season starts in March. Unfortunately, the best absinthe shots (water poured over a sugar cube on a spoon set over the glass, next to a bottle clearly labled "Absinthe") are in the first few episodes, and they are currently showing the later episodes. I'll watch my TiVo schedule for the early episodes, and if they show up again I'll give you all a heads up on this board.