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  1. For those of you who don't blow an extra $12 for HBO, I just learned today that the first season of Carnaval is out on DVD. The screen shots you see higher up on this thread are from the first episode, which would be on disk 1. The 2nd episode, also on disk 1, has a decent shot of Lodz pouring warter over a quickly disolving sugar cube into the louche below (a saw a few bubbles on the louche, so I don;t think it is real absinthe). The remaining episodes don't more than a few fleeting glimpses of absinthe, but if disk 1 grabs you, you'll want to see the rest.
  2. Doesn't Markus or Betty or someone offer absinthe canes on their site?
  3. I'll be putting them on eBay after Christmas. Starting bid: $150.
  4. As he describes the French method, sampling all the great stuff at an absinthe party would take a whole week.
  5. Trust me, I'll be thinking of all of you.
  6. Wow! For $120 more than what I usually pay for jeans, I could get a pair that look like the one's I've been wearing while doing yardwork for the past year! What will they think of next?
  7. If you don't have a fountain, the best method is the bicycle water bottle (as shown in my avatar). You have good control over the drip, and if you're not a cyclist who has a pile of these with your bike doo-doo, they cost about $5. The only problem is that you have to hold it the whole time and pay attention, and it doesn't look very classy to friends who own $200 martini sets.
  8. Would that be between the shot dispensors or the blue jeans?
  9. I finally made it to Seattle Pottery Supply for little spigots, and I now have a functioning absinthe fountain. The glass jar is from Winslow Hardware on Bainbridge Island and was about $12. The spigots are $7.99 each at Seattle Pottery. The 5/8" glass drill bit was about $12 and the cherry wood base was laying around my house. The most difficult part is drilling the hole through the glass. It takes forever and I was paranoid about cracking the glass, which happened on my first attempt, so I really should include another $12 for the first vessel that cracked. I chose a vessel with flat sides because I thought the spigot would make a leak-free seal, but on second thought a curved surface would be stronger & less likely to crack. Later this week I''ll drill another hole to intall the another spigot, so that I can prepare absinthe for two. I hope it doersn't crack.
  10. The same thing that makes blue jeans sold in certain clothing boutiques worth $130 more than Levi 501's sold at Mervyns.
  11. My favorite glass is the cut crystal La Fee glass, which was a gift with my first bottle of absinthe (the glass cost more than the 5ml "airplane" bottle of absinthe). But it's a bit expensive & fragile feeling, so most of the time I use a 5 pound Pontliare glass from LdF or an Ikea glass just like The Green Spirit's.
  12. BTW, the first two episodes, from which the above images came from, are scheduled to be rerun on HBO in the USA Dec. 5 through 7. They're worth a second look, and I'll pour a Jade myself and celebrade a toast with Lodz (the character pictured above).
  13. I thought the reason for doing the water drip is because sugar doesn't disolve well into a high alcohol solution. If that's true, then driping straight absinthe onto a sugar cube wouldn't work at all.
  14. Interesting that despite a local absinthe scene (at least according to eabsinthe.com) and the lack of anti-absinthe laws, not a single commercial absinthe is made in the UK.
  15. Probably a vodka soak recipe - they're extemely simple.
  16. If you go there will be trouble. If you stay it will be double.
  17. Here's a film/TV absinthe sighting I wasn't expecting: A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Kermit and Miss Piggy return for a new (or at least recent) holiday special. Among the many movie and pop-culture references is a 5-minute parody of the film Moulin Rogue, during which Kermit is served a green beer-style mug. "Let me drink some of this strange green root beer!" Kermit says. As he takes a sip, the green mug lightes up and a little green muppet fairy rises out of it. "Look, it's the green fairy!" I'll add an extra point for no flames. My wife, who grew up watching the Muppet Show in the late 1970s, had been trying to explain to me that the muppets weren't just for kids, as they did a lot of humor for the grown-ups that went over the little ones' heads. I had to admit she was right. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Now I'll pour a Jade and enjoy the Seinfeld special tonight.
  18. I would expect that a water bottle might be suspended upside down. That would actually be pretty cool, if less practical than a regular fountain.
  19. In what states is Herbsaint sold? Based on reviews claiming that Herbsaint is better than US-legal Pernod, I've been trying to find a bottle to try, but Washington State-controlled liquor stores carry a very limited selection of product. I looked at several places during a Califonia vacation last week, but all I found was Absente (review forthcoming).
  20. I took some pre-prepared absinthe in a liquior flask on a hike above Paradise this past summer. My own conclusion is that alchohol, including absinthe, doesn't mix well with hiking. OTOH, once the hiking is done, absinthe during a sunset or next to a roaring campfire is an entirely different story.
  21. My guess is that most home-made fountains will tend to be top-heavy. I think you'd want to mount the whole thing to a platter, or find a base with legs mounted so the legs are offset to the spigots. I recall a photo posted at louchedlouge of a fountain on a round base that extended as far out as the spigots. Although its probably more stable, you'd have a hard time setting your glass underneith it! Maybe it was a homemade job someone decied to dump on e-Bay once they figured out it was useless. I have a rectangular glass jar I'm planning to use a a fountain. I also have a cherry wood base I've thought of attaching it to, but I'm concerned about the stability issue.
  22. So far at home I've used bicycle water bottles (as seen in my avatar). They work well, but don't seem very classy when serving absinthe for other people. Last week at a family event in California, I used a crystal pitcher when preparing Jade N.O. for family members, but a lot of the dribble ran down the side of the pitcher and made a mess on my mother-in-law's granite counter. So it's time to move up, but I'm too cheap to spend 300 GBP on an imported fountain when I can buy glass vessals, glass drill bits and little spigots here.
  23. Anyone care to share tips & experiences making your own absinthe fountain?