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  1. In my experience, Absente does NOT produce secondaries. If their web site is to be believed, the primary difference between Absente and absinthe is the substution of "southern wormwood" for A.A. That makes me susect it is something in the wormwood.
  2. I'll bet some oil mixes would score higher than VdF in such a test. Are you going to have FG at the next event? I've been curious to buy, but I'd like to sample it first. In the interest of science, I'll donate my Absente to your test. In addition to taste, we'll ask the testers to rate any secondaries they detect (see my reply to Ted B. in the other thread).
  3. Ted, Forgive me for asking a question you've probably been asked 1000 times, but in your opinion, are the differences some people report between the effects of absinthe and the affects of other alcoholic beverages (such as a more clear-headed or alert drunk feeling) purely a placebo effect, or a result of some other component in absinthe?
  4. I'm told that while American wine fans tend to turn their noses at boxed wine, Europeans find boxed wine perfectly acceptable for every day wine. True?
  5. Ted, It sure sounded to me like you said your tests show absinthe doesn't contain thujone at all. What did you you mean by (paraphrase) "the thujone stays in the pot"?
  6. Is that the same glass that several absinthe vedors sell for about 5 GBP? How much did they sell for in Bellevue?
  7. Some wineries have switched to synthetic cork substitutes. The traditionalists don't like them, but I feel its worth it to not occasionaly pay $15 for a bottle that smells & tastes like a skunk pissed in it. I'd be a little wary about using these in absinthe lest there might be something in it that would be leeched out by the higher alcohol content. Last year I bought a bottle of Montana 68 absenta that came with a synthetic T-cork. Presumably, there's nothing in it that would leech out and affect the flavor (which wasn't bad, just slightly more anisey than the top CO's). I'd rather have this than the BdF cork that disenigrates during the first opening, a Jade cork that doesn't fit back into the bottle or a Segerra twist cap that strips and doesn't close tightly. I also recently obtained a martini set that came with a cool-looking cone-shaped stanless steel and black rubber (?) bottle stopper. I'd was tempted to use this in my Jade, but I'm not sure how good of seal it would make.
  8. Do T-corks come in different sizes? I had abottle of BdF with a defective cork that leaked slightly during shipping and came apart the first time opened it. I tred using the T-cork from a bottle of Montana absenta but it was a differnent size - no go. I ended up using a cork that came from a bottle of white wine, which to my annoyance never stopped smelling like wine (the cork, not the absinthe).
  9. I'm still afraid of turning on 20/20 or Dateline and seeing a segment about people using the Internet to buy that illegal drug-laced liquor that made Van Gogh cut his ear off, and why the government doesn't doesn't do something about it.
  10. I will stop using glass, metal, plastic, composite or wood containers to store my absinthe out of concern for how they might affect the flavor.
  11. The Thirsty Traveler episode is the best I've seen. There was almost nothing on the history. Instead, you get to see a home cooker in Val Travers Switzerland, an interview with Ted B. of Jade, an escargot receipe that uses absinthe, and a visit to a secrect absinthe stash at a Swiss spring. I'm planning to copy it to VHS and bring it to the next WS event for the benefit of those who missed it or don't receive the channel it was on. I'm not sure that documentaries, at least those that show people in the US drinking absinthe, are a good thing. We wouldn't want to raise absinthe into the US Customs radar.
  12. This link implied that Southern Wormwood is also known as "Petite Absinthe." Is that different from Petite Wormwood? It also says that southern wormwood is less bitter, which as you know, makes Absente less extremely bitter.
  13. I just saw the "Green Fairy" episode of Thirsty Traveler. In it Ted B. (please comment if you're reading Ted) said that his tests show that the thujone stays in the still, doesn't make it to the finished product, and therefore everything written about thijone, including justifications to ban the sale of absinthe, are fallacious. On the other hand, Absente produces a heavy drunk feeling for me, completley different from the light airy absinthe effect. Other than the substitution of Petite Wormwood for regular wormwood, Absente claims a list of ingredients common in absinthe. Therefore, some component of wormwood must be responsible for the secondaries. Whether or not its thujone, I have no idea.
  14. Of course water makes a difference. If a water tastes unpleasent to you, it's not going to improve your absinthe. The drink in my avatar is Jade NO prepared with Pure Yosemite Valley water. OK, so its the chorline-treated water from a Yosemite campground tap, but it still flowed through pristine forests and over majestic waterfalls before dripping into the Jade. I don't know whether High Sierra water has the magical properties I like to pretend it has, or if it is just a placebo effect, but I found that absinthe serving extremely enjoyable.
  15. Jack, I'm a little worried that you rate piss and doo-doo higher than undrinkable.
  16. They sell those at Uyajimaya in the Seattle International District. I have no idea what they're for.
  17. I think my earlier question was lost in a flood of other posts: I've seen the first season on TV, but I want to see the documentary and other special features on the DVDs. Which disks shoud I rent? Do you know if absinthe is discussed in the documentary or an audio commentary track?
  18. Lodz's sugar cube did disolve unnaturally fast. There are also some small bubbles in his glass. I've never seen bubbles in real absinthe, even in the cheap or swill brands. My conclusion is that the sugar & absinthe used in the filming were not real. Having the camara on a realistic drip long enough for the non-absinthe knowlegable audience to realize what was happening would just take too long.
  19. I was wondering the same thing. Has the Canaval actually moved since the Professor's departure? My wife thinks Lodz's bearded girlfriend may have put his absinthe set out in anticipation of his return.
  20. I'm not interesting in buying or renting the whole set because I've seen all the episodes, but I would like to see the documentary. Which disk is it on? Also, which episodes have commentaries? Any mention of absinthe in the commentary or the documentary?
  21. I knew you'd really like it, Hiram. We're coming up on 3rd episode of season 2 on HBO. They're revealed a little more about the relationship between the carnies and Brother Justin, though they still haven't met (at least on the physical plain).
  22. If you really love the taste of wormwood, here's the one for you! It has the same flavor you get from chewing wormwood leaves. That's probably how its made - wormwood leaves infused in vodka.
  23. Do you have to hold you finger on the spigot, or can you set it to drip and walk away for two minutes?
  24. On the season premeir of Carnaval, one of the characters asks about the whereabouts of the absinthe-imbibing Lodz, and is told: Now now, at least 3 of 4 absinthe drinking sessions DO result in passing out in a gutter.