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  1. !! I bought a bottle a few weeks ago from another vendor that came out to about $124. LDF with shipping is just under $108 right now, for the full liter bottle.
  2. So if she was born the same year as me then I too can be HOT at my advanced age.
  3. Let's add as honorary absinthetuers fellow 6/13'ers Clockwork Orange star Malcom McDowell (62) and Breakfast Club diva Ally Sheedy (exactly the same age as me)
  4. Thanks everyone! I must say G&C looks fantastic for 99.
  5. My first absinthe spoon is the La Fee spoon. It has www.eabsinthe.com stamped on the underside of the handle (as well as the illuminati eye on the spoon part). I don't mind, especially since as Hiram pointed out a lot of 19th century accessories are branded. I think the URL makes an interesting juxtposition between the old and new.
  6. Given recent news events, I find myself strangely happy that I saw Eurotrip a few months back, as I recieved an advance education on the process the Catholic Church uses to select a new pope.
  7. Alandia claims that the louche has a bluish tinge when viewed in sunlight, so I wouldn't want to spoil it with color. Now I just have to wait for a sunny day to confirm this.
  8. Is this the same La Bleue that Spirits Corner is selling for 139 Euros???
  9. British Columbia isn't exactly flooded with bad absinthe (I won't say cheap absinthe because many bad absinthe brands ain't cheap). About a year ago, only Hills, Absente and some other Czech brands were in liquor stores. Most bars didn't have any, and if they did it was Hills. I'm going back next month and I'll report if anything has changed.
  10. An interesting thing about absinthe is not only the variation from one variety to another, it is also the variation of palates. There is no agreeement on which commercials brands are the best. Clandestine LB, Jade, Franois Guy, VdF, BdF, Segarra. They all have people who love 'em and people who hate 'em.
  11. Does anyone know how legalization came about in Switzerland?
  12. Hey! I served absinthe to my in-laws! Of course, it wouldn't have been as fun if they were already familiar with it.
  13. Speaking of matches, my La Bleue from Alendia came with a small box of matches. I'm don't want to think about what they're for, but they're black with green tips, and box has that cool image of the Bible-toting prohibitionist and the slain green fairy.
  14. I voted for legalized sale/importation of absinthe. I'm assuming that home distillation laws won't be enforced any more strictly than they are now, which as far as I can tell is "don't ask don't tell," unless you live in Kentucky and make 1000 gallon batches of whiskey in barns hidden in the woods. Legalized home distillation (assuming no added provision to keep home absinthe illegal) will help some people sleep better at night, I don't think it will improve the availability of absinthe that much.
  15. In your opinion, which CO's taste the most unlike ass?
  16. My biggest surprise form the last WS event was tasting Alandia's La Bleue Candentine, which reminded me a lot of HGs. I had thought La Bleue ran $200 a bottle for inconsistant quality, but I was exited when I was told it was "about $100." Well, it was more like $127 ($134 because I added a spoon to my order) - still cheaper than Jade. The shipping took six days from order to delivery, and the two servings I had last night were pure pleasure. My two favorite commericals are now Jade N.O. Verte and Alandia's LBC.
  17. Unfortunately, the only way to stay below the radar is to stay below the radar. Once you put something on the web and actively draw people into it, you'll eventually be found by journalists who will write about it. For now I think that those who have the power to stop absinthe importation have bigger things on their minds. But one of my biggest fear is that someone will do something violent or very stupid after drinking absinthe and the media will have a fun time blaming it on that "drug-laced liquor that was banned a century ago." Then we're screwed.
  18. If the absinthe expert was over-ruled by a director who thought flames looked more cool, it wouldn't be the first time.
  19. If they did, it would probably have a name like BISTIL, FART or HOOGENAGENFLARGEN.
  20. But Absente does have aniseed, does it not? If Segarra is made with AA and aniseed only, then that leaves the AA, or an interaction between AA and anis.
  21. Correct, at least in that setting, unless someone will volunteer to drink only Absente and ignore all the good stuff on the table.
  22. I'm aware of an HG in whch the stems were used - supposedly because they contained more thujone. Would someone familiar with this comment?