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  1. I have a bottle of Absente which I bought about a year ago at the Redlands, CA Liquor Barn. It was in the box with a cheap die-cut spoon and was priced at about $30. It looks, louches and tastes similar to real absinthe (the color is very similar to Jade N.O.), but has a harsh alcohol taste similar to the lesser commericals and poorly-made HGs. There's also a mouthfeel that absinthe has that is missing in Absente. I would compare it to the difference between regular and decaf coffee, or regular and caffine-free Coca-Cola. There is also a difference in the drunk feeling it produces. While two or three glasses of real absinthe produces a "light-headed" drunk sensation for me, with the same amount of absente I feel a "weight" in my head, and I don't think quite as fast or lucidly. This makes me suspect that the source of absinthe seconday effects IS in the wormwood (though not necessarily thujone). Should you buy it? Only if it's important to you to try or own a bottle of it. If you're just looking for something less expensive than absinthe to drink when you have no absinthe, I'd recommend switching to some other kind of liquor. There are enough decent quality rums, vodkas, tequlas, whiskeys, etc. that cost less than $30/bottle that there's no reason to drink a somewhat upleasent wanna-be fake absinthe.
  2. Most of us would be be happy to buy our absinthe and Cubans from local merchants, if we could. So the more local merchants there are who are aware of these consumer preferences, the more likely they'll be to lobby the government to change the appropriate importation laws.
  3. Last night we watched a show where master chef Bobby Flay travels to different cities to sample local cuisine. Yesterday's show was in Seattle, where Flay attended a BBQ featuring a salmon flank that had been soaked in a marinade of water, brown sugar, Pernod and salt. Has anyone tried this with absinthe instead of the Pernod?
  4. I have no idea why there would be an issue with anyone in the liquor industry posting here, since all we do here is talk, which is a constitutionally protected activity. The only sources of trouble I see are 1) A liquor store or bar owner selling absinthe from under the counter, but the risk to that is to the owner's alcohol license only. 2) Sometimes business people come to message boards and post messages that are more ads for their businesses than productive conversation. If that becomes a problem, that's up to Hiram to enforce. Frankly, if an executive from Seagram's Ltd were to post here, I'd love it. He/she might be inspired to assign their lobbyists to work on lifting the US absinthe ban.
  5. Last night my latest attempt at a four-spigot fountain ended with the bottom of the vessel cracking and falling completely off while I was finishing hole #3. Then I tried drilling a round vase until another crack wrapped more than 180 degrees around it. So FUCK IT! - We'll be using my two-spigot cracked but functional fountain at the my local event, where about a dozen fellow Bainbridge Islanders will experience absinthe for the first time. So until I buy a drill press (or am invited over by someone who already did), I am retired from fountain making!
  6. That's a legit question, since Un Emile comes in bottles that are shorter & wider than most other .75L bottles.
  7. LDF seldom fails to release an interesting new product just after I receive an order from them. Still, I'll wait for a WS event to sample this one (and I do want to sample it).
  8. It seems to me that the enemy is vibration - that and a tired forearm at the critical last few moments when the bit is about to pass through. Unfortunately I don't have a drill press so it's hard to keep everything as steady as it should. I'm thinking I should be patient and take a long break to rest my arm before the final drill.
  9. I'm now in my 4th attempt to make an absinthe fountain, a 4-spigot version for an event next month for some absinthe newbies out here on the Island. I have a two-spigot fountain, but it had non-leaking cracks and I don't dare drill on it any more. Last night during attempt #3, I was on the 4th hole when like lightening a crack encircled the vessel, connecting all four holes, and the bottom fell away. I'm starting with a 1/8" glass bit and finishing with a 3/8 glass "spear" bit, which accomodates the spigot. I'm drilling into a tall box-shaped kitchen jar with four flat sides, and I want one spigot per side. I've been holding the drill in one hand and water apray water in the other, keeping the drill area nice & wet. Any tips on not cracking the glass? Would I have better luck with a round vessel?
  10. I would recommend not storing hand soap in old absinthe bottles.
  11. Well, I tried La Fee again, and did find it candy-like. My very next sample was Sebor. I was told I might prefer Sebor to La Fee, but I disagreed. La Fee tastes like absinthe, while Sebor tastes like wormwood barely masked by mint and sweetness. Now the final item on my "must try but refuse to buy" list is King of Spirits. Does anyone have some they might bring to the next event?
  12. I suspect this is the same "Clandestine" that is available from at least two or three other vendors. Although the labels are different, they're all called "Clandestine" are 53% alcohol and come in a cool translucent blue bottle. Can anyone confirm?
  13. Are you coming to WS X this weekend? If so, bring the La Fee along. I'd love to try it again for comparison it to what I've been drinking since.
  14. Many people report good secondaries (alert, talkative drunk) from La Fee compared to other brands.
  15. My first absinthe purchase was the 50 ml "airplane" bottle of La Fee, the La Fee Spoon and crystal glass. This was followed by the 750 ml La Fee bottle. Unfortunately, all I can say is that I liked it enough to move on the the Un Emiles, the Fougerolles, the Jades and others. Whenever I go to an absinthe party I look for the Illuminati Eye on the label so I can compare it to what I've tasted more recently, but I have yet to see it. I just don't want to spend another $100 at this point to try it again. I still have the spoon and the glass. Both are high quality and I use them regularly. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  16. There has been some debate as to how much thujone absinthe really contains anyway, so it's not clear that absinthe by a different name would really be illegal.
  17. I've also noticed that absinthe from the same bottle can seem to taste very different in different servings. I think it has to do with variations in the ratio of absinthe/water/sugar, and perhaps water tempurature during the drip. Unless you're carefully measuring, your servings are probably not consistant.
  18. My first absinthe glass was the La Fee crystal glass. It's a fine glass, but expensive and delicate. Since absinthe was served in public taverns, fine crystal and silver spoons were probably not used. The accessories most commonly used were probably sturdier & cheaper.
  19. Here's a suitable absinthe/wine glass from Ikea for $2.99. http://www.ikea.com/webapp/wcs/stores/serv...ats=10118*10332
  20. When the foliage starts to die off from the cold wether cut it back, but it will come back in the spring and flower in the summer!
  21. I think the issue is that unless there is a lot of pressure from voters, no one in government wants to be associated with anything that can possibly be construed "soft on drugs," such as by legalizing an alcoholic drink with a reputation (accurate or not) as a dangerious drug.
  22. This is the best TV show about absinthe I've seen (out of how many - two? - plus a few appearances in films).
  23. http://www.absinthe-distribution.com/ It was the currier shipping that killed me. OTOH, I ordered it on a Saturday or Sunday, and it arrived Wednesday, just in time for out-of-town guests that left Thursday morning. I normally would have expected Thursday delivery.