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  1. For those who don't read the Locals forum, Lucid is now for sale in Washington state.
  2. It looks like you can get Lucid for about $75/bottle including shipping from New Jersey.
  3. So was that KOS or KOSG I samples at the last WS event? Which ever it was, it met my expectation of something I never want to try again.
  4. I find that most people have heard of absinthe (they've read Hemingway or have seen Coppola's Dracula, Eurotrip, etc.), but many people think it's an illicit drug and most aren't aware that it's available today. Some know someone who brought a bottle back from Europe, possibley Eastern European swill. Once you set up a fountain and start laying a spoons on glasses, most people are completely fascinated and will want to try it.
  5. Rent Disc 1 of the first season of the HBO series Carnaval and you'll see a character louching a glasss. There's no history lesson though. I've found that a history of absinthe that makes sense (includes the reasons WHY it was banned) takes a 10 minute lecture that few people have the patience to sit through.
  6. I'm told that Spanish Absenta was still available in Cuba in the 1930s, from where some was no doubt smuggled into the States.
  7. Hey everyone! The Affairs of Anatole finally came up on my Netflix. I guess it takes more than a year for a movie to reach the top of the list. Here's the absinthe-focussed review: Anatole is a wealthy New Yorker who when meeting young women in some kind of trouble, feels the need to help them the point of being taken advantage of, much to the displeasure of his wife, played by Gloria Swanson. If you saw Sunset Boulevard, remember the scene with Cecil B. De Mille and Gloria Swanson reminise about all the films they used to make? Well, AOA, directed by DeMille, is one of them. WARNING SPOILERS!!! In the third act of the film, Anatole is kicked out of the house by his wife. He goes downtown and seeks out a showgirl with the unlikely name Satan Synne. Hoping to swindle $3000 from him to pay for her husband's surgery, Satan invites Anatole back to her apartment, which she calls the Devil's Cloister. At her place, she offers him a cigarette with her initials, SS, on them. Next she asks him to pick up a bottle, and a close up shot of the label reading "D' ABSINTHE Superieure." He puts the bottle into an upside down-style dispenser which drips the absinthe into a glass with spoon & sugar. A title card (I'm not sure if one of the charatcers actually said this) reads "Wormwood -- insidious as the lying eyes of Women!" Anatole takes a sip of what looks like a louched drink, and the next card reads "It's the Devil's sleeping potion -- which puts man's memory to sleep!" Next, Satan's phone rings, and she goes off to answer it and speak with her husband's surgeon. But Anatole knows nothing of the husband yet. He sips his absinthe next to a full length mirror, and sees that his reflection has turned to a skeleton. So we see that absinthe innacuracy in movies didn't start with Moulin Rouge. Dripping absinthe into the water? Sleeping potion? Seeing a skeleton in a mirror? The depection in this film plays directly from the hysteria that triggered the ban in Europe and the US.
  8. Following reports that our Prez read a book by a French existentialist, Seattle PI cartoonist David Horsey penned this cartoon....
  9. I wish I had the Internet I'd know what everyone talks about all the time.
  10. I recall a few years ago quite a few new members at the lounge and other places learned about absinthe from an article in Maxim. As for myself, it was the documentary "Absinthe makes the Heart Grow Fonder" on the From Hell DVD that prompted me to to a google search that eventually led here. So I'd be surprised if the New Yorker article didn't generate new traffic at the vendor sites & message boards.
  11. Some things to consider about thujone: * The test to measure thujone is not something that ordinary people can do at home. I've met some people who make absinthe themselves, and while they do know the alcohol content of their product (not a difficult test to do), they will admit when pressed that they really have no idea how much thujone is in their absinthe. * Absinthe is NOT 100 percent stable and some components do break down over time. A 100 year old bottle of absinthe is not going to have the same color, taste and chemical composition it did when it went into the bottle. * I tend to give TB some credibility in this area since his "day job" involves analyzing trace chemicals in water and soil. According to him, by measuring the breakdown products of known absinthe ingredients in samples of vintage absinthe, he can infer original composition. Sounds plausaabe to me. * Ted also claims that thujone does not leave the still, and cannot be detected in modern distilled absinthes. * People who speculate on the thujone levels of vintage absinthe are also assuming that the strains of wormwood used for absinthe production in the 19th century had the same thujone levels as those grown today. No one has any idea if that's true or not. So at least 90 percent of what people say about thujone in absinthe are just guesses, speculation, or marketing hype. When they're talking about pre-ban absinthe, that figure is close to 100 percent.
  12. He plays in a Seattle rock band, in case that fits a profile.
  13. That's because NYC is so fast-paced. Everything moves slower in Montana than NY. One Montana day = 3.14 NYC days.
  14. A friend of mine recently returned from a weekend in British Columbia. At the duty-free shop next to the border at Sumas he saw a bottle of Hill's Absinth, but was unsure about bringing it home over the border. The manager of the store assured him that it was no problem and customs "wouldn't care." But when he showed the US Customs agent his duty-free receipt, he has asked to pull over to the side for a search. My friend tried to explain that that the manager of the duty-free store said it was OK for him to bring a bottle of absinth(e) home. The agent shook his head and made him an offer as an alternative to the bottle being confiscated. My friend could walk back to the duty-free store with the bottle and get a refund, provided that he return to the border with the store manager's business card so that the agent could call and chew him out for telling people it was OK to carry absinthe into the US. For $60 US that was the option to take. I told him that if he really wants to know what Hill's absinth tastes like, he could take a swig of Scope mouthwash. He'd be better off ordering the real thing from LdF instead, so I'm sending him the link.
  15. I once ordered a bottle of Segarra over December-January using the "slow-boat" shipping option (6-8 weeks), and it came with floaties in it, probably from sitting out on a loading dock or in an unheated warehouse somewhere. They eventually disolved after several weeks and didn't seem to affect the flavour.
  16. Staroplezenecky. It's tatses like wormwood steeped in alcohol, because that's probably what it is. If you look at me LL profile, I picked Absorbine Jr. as my worst absinthe. Afterall, Absorbine Jr. is green, contains wormwood (read the label), and I found out if you add water it even louches! But it also contains turpentine, making it undrinkable. The similarity of words "absinthe" and "absorbine" make me wonder if AJr was originally marketed to people who used had used absinthe pre-ban as a topical medicine. Turpintine may have been added to the formula to make it undrinkable, hence legal like rubbing alchohol.
  17. My approach to pronouncing any French word is to pronounce the first half of the word and slur the second half.
  18. It's SPELLED "louche," but it's pronounced "Throat Wobbler Mangrow."
  19. And in the meantime, how many died from alcohol poisening?
  20. I like the photos page, which suggest that you drink their stuff, you'll find yourself surrounded by hot bi co-eds and NASCAR drivers.
  21. Any one from Whidbey? Or better yet, the San Jauns? Then we can have a WS event there and I'll have an excuse to go.
  22. Well, it is the capital of the province and Southern most part of the province. So, maybe it's South "I Can Almost See Seattle From Here" FuckedInTheBumByTaxesFuck. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, FWIW you can see Port Angeles from there. :O-Bomb:
  23. If Bellingham is East Bumfuck, then where is WEST Bumfuck? Victoria? Or what that be West Boomfuck?
  24. I have yet to see a single story in the news media about a "threat to society" posed by people distilling liquor at home. In the South, moonshining is a tradition that goes back a long ways. There is apparently a market for moonshine, as long is it less cheaper than legal alternatives. But in most parts of the country, home distilllation is not perceived by anyone as a threat, nor does arresting home distillers mean a political jackpot for local officials. So unless someone is operating an alcohol business outside of the local regulatory structure, home distillers are left alone.
  25. Ah.. the absinthe capital of the High Desert. And I should know, being a former resident of Victorville, way out beyond the shining waters of Lake Los Angeles.