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  1. Yes, it was bad, but worth watching for the facial expressions caused by Czech Swill. I also laughed out loud at the iceless fountain, containing what I presumed to be tepid Prague tap water, dripping into non-louching swill.
  2. My wife recently came back from a visit to her parents with a bottle of a rare, hard-to-get single malt Scotch. I'm not that experienced with Scotch, and until now have only tasted cheaper multi-malt Scotches of which I will say must an acquired taste I have not acquired. (Someone used to give my dad a bottle of Chivas Regal every Christmas). So what is the difference between single malt Scotch and cheaper Scotches with multi malts? What is the best way to drink & appreciate this single malt Scotch? Neat? On the rocks? With a fine cigar? Any other suggestions?
  3. I'd like to see a YouTube video of TB opening a bottle of his own absinthe.
  4. If you like small flavored cigars, try the Acid Blondie, Waif or Krush. These smell a bit like potpourri until you light them. They have a sweet herbal flavor that in my opinion complements sweet cocktails. BTW, the label colors of Acid cigars indicate the type of herbal infusion used. So if you like the Blondie and want to try a tin the slightly smaller Krush, get the blue label.
  5. You destroy not destroy a cork, but I've dropped several irretrievably into wine bottles with this nightmare.
  6. I left for home before checking the last batch of messages, but I did stop at All State Liquors on Highway 1 about two miles shy of the Oregon border. They had the usual brands (Lucid, Pernod, etc.), Leopold Bros, plus a few Czech swill absinths (yes, they still spell it that way) - one with crap which may or may not be wormwood on in the bottle, and another that looked like a Scope/antifreeze blend. I picked up a bottle of Herbsaint (for $12, worth trying) and a small bottle of Le Tourment (again, for $8 it's worth trying).
  7. Ended up with a bottle of Kübler from BevMo in San Mateo. It was less expensive than some other I feel are not as good. I'm curious about St. George, but didn't want to drop $74 on a brand untasted. I'll see if I can find a bar serving it before I leave the state. Besides, I believe St. George is available in WA. I would just have to look around more.
  8. I often delay drinking the last shot or two of absinthe, if the next bottle is going to be a different brand. I always think I want to use it for comparison to another brand. As result I have several bottles with one shot left at the bottom. Ive been fortunate to taste a few samples of pre-ban absinthe. While I do believe the color & taste changes after decades, it does take many years or decades. I've done my last-shot of bottles after a year or two, I don't think there were any changes to color or flavor.
  9. I'm traveling to California this weekend. With the alcohol laws a little more liberal than in Washington State, is there anything I should be checking out when I visit the nearby BevMore?
  10. How about close-ups of people spitting into their cups, lawns, or hanging out car windows, posted on youtube? There's a disturbing snuff film for you!
  11. Has anyone tried snus? This is a version of snuff that comes in little "teabags" and supposedly doesn't cause spitting. This was developed in Sweden, but now RJ Reynolds is marketing Marlboro and Camel snus in the US. I found that the alleged anti-spitting quality doesn't apply to me. I still seemed to generate a mouthful of evil tobacco swill per minute. The only difference I noticed between snus and Skoal was that you don't get tobacco bits drifting around your mouth.
  12. The next time you're in a nursery keep an eye out for artemisia absinthium. When no one's looking, pick off a tiny piece leaf and taste it. Fennel grows wild in many parts of the USA, and is available in supermarket produce sections. Anise is also available in the form of a packages spice and in herbal teas. Contrary to popular belief, absinthe does NOT taste like licorice. Many people think it does because anise of often used in licorice candies. Good & Plenty is a good example, which tastes like the undissolved sugar at the bottom of an absinthe glass. If the only chocolate a person ever had was Reese's peanut butter cups, they'd have a distorted idea of what chocolate tasted like. Try some 100 percent licorice candy you'll see what I mean.
  13. A few years ago, some in the US absinthe community found Ted to be egotistical and dismissive of other US absinthe makers. But even they would admit that the Jades were the best commercially available absinthes. And he certainly wasn't the only cooker with a huge ego.
  14. Love the Blondies - relaxing 25-30 minute smoke. Another nice short smoke are the Waifs. They have the same infusion as the Blondie/Kuba Kuba but are flat-wafer shaped, so there's less of the fellatious look when drawing on them. I don't like the C-Notes. They're loosely packed, feel like a marijuana joint in my lips and draw hot. I still have three of them in the little baggie they come in and I'm not sure when I'll get rid of them.
  15. Drawing a substance into you lungs is a completely different thing from ingesting the same substance into your digestive tract. Until there are controlled studies on the effects of inhaling propylene glycol in the quantities delivered by the smokeless cigarettes we really don't know what, if any, harmful effects exist.