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  1. Thanks all - I have managed to acquire one, very recently, from a very kind and generous forum member...
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome!!!
  3. Yeah, if you click on the one from Absinthe Devil it says "Out of Stock", temporarily sold out on Alandia as well. Just my luck! Thanks for the suggestions, I am just going to have to be patient I suppose
  4. In France they do... http://www.absinthefrenchmanspoon.com/fontaines
  5. Good idea! Just done it! Very interesting artwork, may have to start a fountain collection now....
  6. Brit ex-pat, now living in PA. Needless to say, in my youth we used to nip across the channel and partake of a few glasses of Absinthe in the first decent-looking French bar we came across. Thought those days were over, until I had dinner at Bistro 110 in Chicago, and lo and behold, absinthe on the menu! What's more amazing, is that I can now even find it in the state-run liquor stores in PA! Brings back memories...
  7. Newbie to the forum! Now that Maison D'Absinthe has closed down, where is the best place online (US-based) to order the Lady Absinthe 4 Robinette fountain? I have looked in all the usual places, and all are out of stock, with the earliest being 2-3 months before more will arrive.