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  1. I've looked for a link to the review. If there is a review of this one already would someone in the know post a link?
  2. Terribly late Birthday wishes Brian, I hope you had a great day! Hope the hair o the dog worked wonders
  3. Happy Birthday Cheryl!! May it be exactly what you need
  4. I second what everyone else has said: also, it seems a fitting offering for the final harvest.
  5. There was a fire and spoon graphic on the little card which came attached to it. I quickly threw that away since no one there knew how to prepare absinthe anyway. I heard a lot of "I've only tasted this stuff in shots". I smiled and said "You'll probably like it this way a lot more". I didn't speak ill of the bottle since I was a guest in their home. They are the parents of my good friend who I stood as best man for his wedding. The next time we get together though, my fountain and some Pacifique and some MoL and probably some Leopold's are coming with me. Though after the party I was told that the majority of their guests found the absinthe to be the part they enjoyed most. Even those who didn't try any, the fountain and me blathering on and on were enjoyable entertainment
  6. Very sorry it's belated Scott, Happy Birthday!
  7. Over the weekend I went to a friends house for his families tradition; Crawfest. His folks asked me to bring my fountain because they had picked up a bottle of Absinthe in Germany. I figured a had a 50/50 chance of the bottle being artificially colored. As it turns out the odds were 55.5 that is was artificially colored. The food was incredible and HOT! They grow a bunch of peppers and had added their own "Ghost Pepper Sauce" to the brine. My mouth was on fire and I was looking forward to nice cold absinthe. I broke out my fountain and they produced the bottle. I cringed a bit at the color. I knew what lay ahead. I poured four doses into my collectible dollar store stemware set and began the louche. The louche formed quickly and the oil trails were fun to point out and watch. They were fully louched (both with sugar and without) at approximately 2:1 even with the slowest drip I could manage. As you can see from the photo the color seemed artificial to say the least. I can't read German to tell if it had added coloring, but I think it's a safe bet to assume it did. The aroma had that same sort of muted aroma I have found with Absente, with something I can't discern getting in the way of the aroma. Though the strong scent of the Star Anise came through. The taste brought me right back to where my fascination with Absinthe began; Absente. The anise sucker-punch was expected so it didn't take me by surprise. The fennel came next in taste. which was mild and tasted of "Good'n'Plenty". The finish has a mild flavor of bitter mint but it was so fleeting I couldn't tell exactly. I only had one glass, which in this case was a great mercy. The second glass, of any alcohol anymore, is almost guaranteed to end in a migraine. I wouldn't spend my cash on this one. It was a couple steps up from the overpowering flavors I find in the Absente, yet still, those steps are found in the basement.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Either Pacifique or the Meadow of Love would be a great choice. They're both outstanding.
  9. Happy Belated Birthday They say people born on the 29th of a month are especially wonderful
  10. Funny coincidence then Thank you good sir I do not feel slighted now. Now, off to google!
  11. I know that's in another thread somewhere (I checked this one). Was I the poor chap who mentioned 3 Dog Night and caused the horrible visuals? You all are so much more savvy at the inner working of the forum than I I am not aware, so now I am going to effin' google it p.s. if it was me Absomphe, you can smack me. Mom was a Carpenters, The Lettermen kind of a Lady, I have to go back and expand my musical exposure. *edit to point out weird coincidence* I was speaking with a well versed Gentlemen about gin cocktails. He sent me this today in PM
  12. Lately I've been enjoying some Pacifique/MoL/Leopold's in the evenings with my mp3 full of 3 Dog Night, Doobie Brothers, Moody Blues and Deep Purple along with "Baker Street" and a cover of it by the Foo Fighters.
  13. Welcome to the forum Nice choice on bottles Very nice photographs and the photograph in the photograph.
  14. From another perspective, anyone willing to go through that will probably take it in the shorts rather easily and make managing them simple.
  15. Welcome to the forum I bought some Lucid and a spoon. Lucid isn't bad, it's not great either. For the money though, I still prefer the net for ordering. The price isn't much different and the quality is completely up to me. Welcome again, cool fountain. If you do put the skull in the jar, you should post more pics
  16. Thanks Ron, you rock. Man for being Clandestine, it's everywhere! azzyteam, I worked at the Saudi Embassy in DC and you're absolutely right being muslim doesn't stop people from being people. Hopefully you can find some online source that is less expensive.
  17. I don't drink when I'm doing anything other than sharing some time with someone, or like buddhasynth said, cooking. I do like to sip a glass of absinthe when cooking. I agree that it brings the same effect, of caring about all the ingredients. I get all involved in the moment of cooking. As far as a muse, I feel it indirectly. When I enjoy a glass it's about the enjoyment and just being and repairing all the fractures from being pulled in different directions during the day. From that wholeness I can feel inspired. I may not be drinking during what ever I am doing, but it can certainly be inspired by the green muse. My two cents