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  1. Absolutely, post-louche ice cubes seem OK. I do it all the time. Too warm is even worse than too cold in my opinion. But hey, do what suits you!
  2. Sounds kind of cumbersome. Many people believe that adding ice before or during the louche has an adverse effect on the flavor of the drink. Some have gone so far as to say it "bruises the oils". I don't know if I believe that but I do believe that a glass of absinthe can be SO cold that it interferes with the flavor. In short, I wouldn't do it. I will on occasion drink ouzo this way though.
  3. Ah, the goth district. Little T's is an institution! These days though, I go to Pepito's for Mexican.
  4. OK, that's funny. I hadn't realized that about Ted and the distiller's proof. God on him for doing it for that reason. There is a world of difference between what Ted's doing and what Lance is doing. A few oddball herbs in the mix are fine, as long as the core is made of the proper three ingredients used in the right way and the other stuff is kept in the background.
  5. Thanks Pan Buh. I realize that what I'm suggesting is not very realistic. Shabba, I saw this as a lively conversation and fun to have, even if it's mostly academic. The last thing I want is for people to get bent out of shape and I do suppose there is no easy answer. I'm sincerely sorry if I've frustrated you. The fact that we are all passionate about the subject is very evident. Our hearts are in the right place. I'm willing to pour a drink and move on.
  6. No commercial distiller has done that yet. That's why I feel the way I do. I'm also in no way convinced that a bottle of Jade aged 100 years would taste like Pernod Fils, but of course there is no way of proving that. I guess I'm living in fantasy land. But in all honesty, take a look at what Archive Spirits is trying to do. I see that as a very positive thing even if I don't LOVE the Roquette.
  7. I guess it doesn't matter what I consider a non-absinthe. What I'm advocating is a tight definition that would help steer things in the right direction. Do I consider Monty a true absinthe? Well, I suppose I do. I also think that absinthe as a whole would be better off if most efforts were driven toward achieving a higher standard before we try to put a modern spin on it. I fear that if we don't do that, we may never see a commercial absinthe that reaches the quality of Pernod Fils. We will just have a bunch of mostly half-informed distillers running around wondering who can come up with the next trendy flavor to add to a drink that never really established what it was supposed to be in the first place. Bring me a modern absinthe that is as good as the better preban labels. Once you have done that, go tinker with the recipe all you want. I don't feel that leaving a lot of room for interpretation at this point serves the purpose that it should. Now is a great time to be an absinthe drinker, but it's no 1901. I need to add that I'm happy to be outvoted and anyone who wants to call me crazy for my views will have to get in line. This is just my opinion and I very much value those that are different from my own.
  8. Maybe not specifically. But add to that a dozen more absinthes with equally flippant approaches to the tradition and what do you have? I had this reaction when I tried Angelique. Bugnon should have made a proper verte before doing what he did. Does he even know what a verte should taste like?
  9. Yeah, I know. And he still thought it was OK to use no green anise and add a bunch of wacky stuff to the mix. This fact only reinforces my opinion.
  10. pt447, that's not really what I'm trying to say. The reason we have stuff like Hills, Brainfarter, KOSG and others is because of a very loose to non existent definition for what makes absinthe. We need to do everything we can to prevent that from happening with all of the new ones under development here in the US (and elsewhere). Many if not most of the distilleries working on an absinthe right now in the US have never tasted absinthe made with the proper ingredients. Despite this, they feel free to go on whimsical tangents with who-knows-what botanicals. I have no doubt that authentic absinthe has the potential to be very diverse. I also firmly believe in the need for a baseline first and we are nowhere near that. Europe isn't even there yet. Even many of the better brands are using the wrong fennel (I think).
  11. I would disagree about coloration being a good place to experiment with idiosyncratic flavors. A maceration brings a broader flavor profile than a distillation. Something different there is really going to stand out. My guess is that wormwood is but one of many many plants that you would not want to taste macerated. Just a guess though.
  12. Just my quick 2 cents: For myself I use a very strict definition of what absinthe should be. Colored with Grand Wormwood? Forget it. I don't care if there was a precedent, that's nasty. I would even go to the green anise/Florence fennel extreme. The reason is because there are so very few people who know what an absinthe should taste like. The rebirth of this drink is just now happening. In my humble opinion, if there is not a strict basic standard for what constitutes an absinthe in this critical early phase, there may never be. For me, the ideal situation would be a very narrow definition for the next few years. Once everybody knows what it means to drink an absinthe made with the correct anise, fennel, and wormwood, we can start to branch out. Doing so now only results in stuff like St George. And that's no small matter. Now there are plenty of people in the US who think that absinthe should taste like basil. Broadening the definition at this stage is asking for trouble in my opinion. Hell, the Bohemian absinth makers could point to that Cuban vintage as proof that their methods are historically accurate.
  13. That really is pale. Too bad, I rather like the color of Montmartre.
  14. Glad to see you're feeling better Doc. That black absinthe is really disturbing. A few vertes and a couple of Dead Guys for me tonight.
  15. It's not too far from the truth. In my scant free time, I am loath to put my drink down.
  16. A week ago we were still getting snow. Last night I grilled burgers in my bare feet with a gin and tonic in my hand (Hendrick's).
  17. There are times when profanity is the only way to get certain things across. The taboo serves a good purpose. If the word fuck was totally acceptable always, I might have a hard time adequately expressing myself sometimes.
  18. This is great, you go girl! Any photos of the still you plan to use? I do likes me some still porn.
  19. Watching the US absinthe market mature is going to be just like watching the European one, only without the shipping costs. I'm going to save thousands!
  20. Obviously that connection escaped me, but that is funny.
  21. Despite the number of channels, I think there is even less on than there used to be. Peridot, what do you think of Metalocalypse?