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  1. My two cents: The slow louche is important but is carried to unnecessary extremes by many absinthe purists. I'm as guilty as anyone. One drop per second is pretty darn slow. I doubt that many absinthes wouldn't do just a well with two drops per second, maybe even a little more. You can always put an ice cube on the spoon or add one to the drink post-louche.
  2. "I have heard good things about a number of companies but the one I like is absinth24.net. The owner's name is Andy. Tell him I sent you."
  3. A few years ago I met a guy at a party who said he was coming down from an absinthe trip. This most wicked of homebrews had been mixed with mescaline. I opened my mouth to say something but decided that there was just no point. This guy was beyond all hope.
  4. No drinking for me tonight. Have to get ready for a big party at my place tomorrow. My girlfriend is turning 30 and has just completed her first year in law school. Two good reasons to celebrate! I'm curious to hear what you think of those two absinthes Shabba.
  5. I thought that camphorous flavors came from using certain types of fennel. I'm picking up a wee bit of that too but not too much. It's really easy to overdo the mint I think.
  6. Just put it in your checked luggage. I'm not sure what the ABV is in this stuff, but if the label says anything larger than 70%, I would cut that part of the label off with an x-acto. Technically speaking you are not allowed to check alcohol above 70% (probably depending on the airline). I did this on my last flight to and from Chicago and had no problems. Be sure to bubble wrap the bottles.
  7. I had my second glass of this stuff last night and I actually wrote a review but I'm going to have another glass before I submit the review to Shabba. The minty and citrus facets of the drink were really getting in the way of it for me last night. Maybe it was because my sinuses were going bonkers due to springtime. Me second impression was not as favorable as my first. It does seem to have a basic and traditional bill of herbs, but something tasted off balance last night. Still better than Lucid though.
  8. Mine arrived Friday, thank you Poor! I've just had one small glass and it's not bad. Traditional enough I suppose. Perhaps it's based on a Fougerolles recipe? It definitely has some mint in there. I'll try writing a proper review later this week.
  9. Uhg, I didn't get mine yet. That picture is making me drool.
  10. So true. I'm pretty close to you, hopefully mine will be home when I get there. I can add it to the pile of stuff I have to sample but haven't had the time. I'm actually pretty excited about this release.
  11. Complete with trippy fractal. Shoot me.
  12. OK, that might have been tough for T73, but Absomphe has no excuse.
  13. I thought this was going to be a thread about diet soda.
  14. How many 12+ hour workdays can you put in consecutively before going totally insane? I'm about to find out. Luckily for me, I've got a verte stash at my desk. Louching out of an Ice Mountain water bottle may be crude, but it's saving my life right now. Hangovers? I cannot, legally as a doctor, prescribe the best herbal cure for you. Also I'm not a doctor.
  15. I received the same email that Hiram posted. It's from an American company, which really surprised me. So, they boosted the thujone all the way up to 10 parts per million? Woo hoo! This blatantly flies in the face of how absinthe is supposed to be marketed in the US, doesn't it? Makes me glad I never bought a bottle of Absente.
  16. They're gimmicks. But you might be able to drink a flaming shot in it without burning your face.
  17. Ah, the Minneapolis contingent grows yet again. Welcome to the fray!
  18. I hope you have a splendid time. Cheers!
  19. Last night I made a Death In The Afternoon with an HG Pontarlier and a dry prosecco. It was good, but it really gets right on top of you.
  20. Did you mean "up TO my keester"? That see saw would hurt!
  21. It seems like technique aught to be the only important thing about a technical definition for absinthe. If you're doing what you should be doing with the right ingredients, the flavor should follow. How well the flavor profile matches up to what we expect is a function of the skill with which the prescribed process is carried out. Saying something is absinthe because it ended up kind of tasting that way, regardless of the way it got there, leaves things wide open.
  22. SG isn't pushing boundaries, it's creating them where none existed. But I've calmed down a bit on the whole thing. I feel like I might have taken too harsh a stance on this issue. For anyone I might have offended or annoyed, I apologize. My position came from a desire to see the absinthe revival be all it can, nothing more. Obviously my emotions cloud my reason when it comes to the things that matter a lot to me. In the end, when the shelves are stocked with a dozen or so quasi-absinthes there will likely be one or two that fit my narrow little definition, and I will buy those.