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  1. Up until recently I thought tequila was vile. Then my girlfriend asked me to pick up a good bottle. Making my best guess I bought Don Julio Anejo, and I no longer think tequila sucks. It's got the best secondary effect I can think of: it makes my girlfriend very....amorous.
  2. Howdy! What part of Nebraska are you in? My girlfriend if from Lincoln. Absinthe at the Hyvee, I still can't believe it.
  3. Nice! Thanks for giving us a peek into the facility.
  4. Ha! Yeah I forgot about them. I went to one of their shows too. I really didn't need to see that guy's privates. And as for Marteau, I'm excited about the traditional herb bill. Hiram, I'd love to know how big the batches are and anything you want to share about the equipment you are using. Are the results meeting your expectations?
  5. Deluge once made me a sazerac with Jade NO that was pretty damn good. That cocktail made a whiskey drinker out of me.
  6. They were fun. Went to see them a long time ago. They were more drunk than any band I've ever seen play, with the possible exception of Alice in Chains.
  7. It's pretty easy to look at the American releases and be disappointed. Sometimes I have to remind myself what Europe went through at the beginning of their absinthe revival. By comparison, we have quite a head start. The St George, for all it's quirky ingredients, still tastes mostly of star anise to me. The Sirene is that way too, but not quite as bad. I had the last of my sample last night without sugar and it tasted like pastis. Oh well, could be worse. Good things are on the horizon. Remember that Simpsons episode where Homer has to wait five days for his handgun? Kinda feels like that.
  8. Does this absinthe lack fennel? The blurb mentions anise, wormwood and hyssop. It's kind of a pretty label though. I wonder what it's going for.
  9. Welcome to the fray! If you are going to buy a US-available absinthe, I would try the one out of Chicago. Just my two cents.
  10. That must have been even before La Fee. What were the choices back then, Betty and Deva?
  11. I honestly don't know if I was breast fed as a child. I'm comfortable not knowing.
  12. Sorry about that Rimmy, sometimes I just don't PTFA. In my defense, the first pic didn't load when I read the thread this morning.
  13. I noticed that the wild wormwood here is flowering now, but my garden plants aren't quite there yet.
  14. I have to agree. Before I broke my East glass, I always used one of those "Les Cuillères" spoons that look like a normal spoon with a grille in the middle. They span anything.
  15. I agree on the packing. I've even had open bottles in my checked luggage with no problem. Just don't try to carry it on.
  16. Maybe he was staring at your avatar during the interview. It's giving me flashbacks. Seriously though, is nothing sacred to that man? Nevermind.
  17. Accidents are just no fun at all. Glad to hear you're OK Gimp! And what Peridot said.
  18. No kidding. The worst part was the title.
  19. Harem it is then! Many happy returns.
  20. I wouldn't count it out as a possibility.