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  1. We are so fortunate that the first US absinthes are all distilled. If the stuff starts flying off the shelves, I would expect to see oil mixes in the future.
  2. It can't! Though I do applaud E. P.'s nit-pickiness. Is that the Emile Pernot distrillery? My my, they do keep that copper shiny.
  3. I'm sure that if those fancy repro fountains were being made in Cali, they would have several of those stickers on them.
  4. So the Sodan really do exist. I've heard of these before but never seen anyone actually do it. Nice work.
  5. Staying home and doing nothing. I've never been so excited for New Year's.
  6. At Surdyk's? Actually, it was at South Lyndale Liquors . I think they were charging around 80 bucks for it. They have that Green Moon garbage too. Surdyk's might have St George as well, I haven't been over there in a while. Hey LeRoy, real life is pretty crazy these days. Not much time for the inetrnets. But I do try to drop by when I can. If you ever find yourself in town with time to spare, hit me up for a drink!
  7. I recently saw a bottle of St George in the MN shelves too.
  8. Selmac


    Bookmarked. I've made this simple cake a number of times and it's really good: Flourless chocolate cake (French) I tend to use a darker chocolate than they recommend, closer to 70%.
  9. Generally one or two during the week. But like Wild Bill, when I get together with other absinthe drinkers all bets are off. Then you have to try as many as possible.
  10. La Perruche cubes don't fall apart as easily as most. Using these with a slow drip, I've louched many glasses with little to no sugar at the bottom. They're big, so I tend to cut them in half.
  11. While in France I was also surprised by the general perception of absinthe. But when you think about it, the whole thing makes sense. There was a huge campaign to demonize absinthe in Europe and to do that you really have to convince most of the people that it really is bad. My understanding (may or may not be correct) is that the US just sort of followed suit. I don't think that there was a huge campaign here in the US like they had in France. There was probably something, but we didn't have Lanfray murders and we probably didn't have a huge wine industry that was in danger.
  12. I just got a hankering for Death in the Afternoon; looks like I'm stopping for a bottle of champagne on my way home. I can't believe more people don't like that cocktail.
  13. It has a flavor in it that I've never tasted in another absinthe. I rather like it but it's very unique. What is that flavor anyway? Anyone with a bottle should try it in a Sazerac.
  14. Last night a few beers from Dogfish Head. That Midas Touch Golden Elixir is really tasty I tell ya! They claim that the recipe is for the oldest fermented beverage in the world. Don't know how they know that but it really is fine. I'm so not in the working mood today. I think I will skip the gym and head straight for the vertes tonight!
  15. It was difficult, but yes I do. Thanks you guys. I'm about to leave work and start this party!
  16. Ah, numb mouth syndrome. It reminds me of my misspent twenties. I like it as long as it's not too strong. My assumption has always been that too much star anise causes it. I never even considered that it might be something other than anise. Fennel maybe? I would be weirded out by an absinthe that didn't numb me at all.
  17. Have a great one Leroy! Hope you make it to The Cities soon for a drink.
  18. I've been drinking absinthe for a long time and my taste is still evolving. My latest infatuation: Pontica. It's spicy, tea-like and just so interesting. And what a beautiful plant! It has just about the most intricate and delicate leaf I've ever seen. Absinthe lends itself to a long discovery process by virtue of having so many different flavors to play with. That along with a new and rapidly evolving industry make the process seemingly endless. That's fine by me. Odd Karen Carpenter story: A client of mine grew up in Fargo, and when she was young she and her friends went to see the Carpenters. It just happened to be Karen's 21st birthday. Since she was famous and touring all the time, she really didn't have any friends. But her handlers thought that she should have a party. They picked some kids out of the crowd (my client included) and invited them to her hotel room. There was cake and punch and whatnot, but of course Karen wanted nothing to do with the whole thing. She locked herself in her bedroom, cried and wouldn't come out. The kids ate cake and went home. And I thought MY 21st birthday sucked. I was not yet born when the Carpenters were big, but that story along with how she died make her a tragic figure in my mind. I know it's corny as hell, but her voice makes me sad.
  19. Hope it's a blast! Where's Wilson?
  20. Hi Kris! What part of New Hampshire are you in? I lived in Sunapee until I was 14.