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  1. That's a little tough to describe for me, because it's very similar to anise. Maybe a bit earthier. If you really want to get to know the different flavors in absinthe, get your hands on some of the raw herbs. I think there might be a set of single-herb distillates out there. I've never tasted those, but I imagine they would be really helpful. To me, Grand Wormwood imparts some of the more ethereal or purely aromatic aspects to a good absinthe. Bitterness really shouldn't be a big part of the equation, unless the Wormwood was used in the coloring. I consider that just wrong, but others might have a different view. I highly recommend getting some fresh wormwood and rubbing the leaves between your fingers. Smell that, and I think you'll start to realize what the plant brings to the overall flavor profile. If you're morbidly curious, taste it. The difference between the smell and the taste is a vivid demonstration of why it needs to be distilled.
  2. This is a tragedy. I'm glad you decided to walk away rather than compromise. Major props for that, and for making some of the best absinthe I've ever had the pleasure to drink.
  3. It's been one of my favorite absinthes since its first release. If it wasn't so pricey I'd drink it all the time.
  4. Meritage is probably one of my favorite restaurants in the area. The absinthe is a bit pricey (it's a fairly upscale place in general), and there aren't many varieties available in the state. Last time I was there, the fountain was in use but maybe that's changed. The Pernod they have is the new, improved version. I've been meaning to suggest they get the Vilya absinthes, which I think are available here now. My boss is good friends with the owners, so this may come to pass eventually. I wish I got over there more often. They do serve it in the traditional way, which is great. But the price and narrow selection make it not really worth the trip for absinthe alone. Every meal I've had there has been really good though.
  5. That's some restraint, Joseph. Kudos. Stefano, what you said about the A. Pontica makes total sense. And of course last night when I got home I poured another glass and could immediately smell it on the liquor prior to dilution. It balances out perfectly with the addition of water. I'm even more impressed with it now that it's been open for a day. I'm curious about Dan Patrick's question as well.
  6. I've received orders in my office for more than a decade. I'm not the boss, but it's never been a problem. This was the first time a delivery person has mentioned that the contents sounded like liquid. I think it's due to the bottles not being filled all the way; they are a bit noisier. On a more relevant note, this stuff is really good. It made me wonder a lot of things about the production process. The similarity to vintage absinthe is undeniable. The pontica is a little lost, if it's there at all. Maybe it will jump out at me a little more in future glasses. The grape base is super clean, and devoid of the funk that can sometimes accompany that type of spirit. All in all, very much worth the money in my humble opinion. Perhaps a formal review is in order.
  7. Mine arrived today. I'm very much looking forward to trying this one out.
  8. They're fairly similar. I'd definitely say that the quarter cask builds upon what the 10 year lays down; it's just a little more complex. I just finished a bottle of the Cairdeas, which I think beats them both.
  9. That shop has the best absinthe selection I've seen in town. If they have Pacifique, I might have to stop and grab a bottle after work today. On another Twin Cities note, there is a French restaurant in downtown St Paul called Meritage that has about a half-dozen absinthes on the menu. They have a lady fountain behind the bar and on some occasions I've seen it full of ice water. Last time I was in it was empty, so I'm not sure if they're using it or not. Unfortunately the selection leaves a bit to be desired. My boss is good friends with the owner, so I'm hopeful that I might get to steer him in the right direction someday.
  10. Glenmorangie Companta. If you're into wine barrel-aged scotch, this is a good one.
  11. Home sick today. Choklat is soothing my sore throat.
  12. MGM sometimes has the Amerique 1912, both verte and rouge. I had a bottle of this a long time ago but I don't think it was very remarkable. I've given up trying to get absinthe off the shelf here. If Pacifique turns up, I'm interested.
  13. Last night I sampled some 1950's Pernod Tarragona. It was better than I expected, sort of like a half-baked preban. I might have to buy a bottle if I can find one at a reasonable price.
  14. Thank goodness. We need better absinthe on the shelves in these parts.
  15. Pumking! This is what a pumpkin ale should taste like.
  16. Bump. This probably isn't the perfect place to post a potential fake but I didn't want to start a new thread over this. I have this pyrogene that I suspect isn't what it purports to be. I know that there were several models of Oxygenee match strikers but I have not been able to find a photo of one exactly like this. The striker is not curved enough and the base has a wider angle than most of the examples I've seen. On top of that the lettering is fairly crooked. I didn't pay a lot for it so it's no big deal either way, but that only adds to my suspicions. Can any of the experts here weigh in on this? I know that these things get faked a lot but I haven't seen any documentation of fakes of this particular type.
  17. Seconded. I have yet to see Sirene on any shelves.
  18. "Oh, those are nice! I've seen some similar ones from Tempis Fugit. But at $72 apiece....weeeeeelllllll............." The Simon Pierce stuff is really nice. That said, I bought a glass exactly like the antique you posted a little earlier and I paid less than $70 bucks for it. Nothing beats an old glass, and I've purchased some of mine for less than you would suspect.
  19. For some reason, I've always been able to take or leave a cigarette. In college I smoked one or two a day (cigarettes, not packs). These days I only really have one if I've been out drinking. The last one I had was about 12 days ago. It would probably be wise for me to just give it up all together. Speaking of smoking, last night I drank my first smokebeer. I was very surprised at how much it tasted like Drum tobacco. Weird at first, but it grew on me immensely. Then I had the Choklat from Southern Tier Brewing. Simply put, an unbelievable chocolate stout.
  20. Fountain for sure. I've just about worn out my repro fountain, it's rusting! If I could only train my fountain to turn off after the louche is done. Saturday night I forgot one and really diluted HG ended up all over my table. I love my see-saw. If I could only have one louching device, that would be it.
  21. Well I'll be damned, that's exciting! Congratulations. Best of luck you guys. Keep us updated from time to time, will you? Oh, and copper porn. Post copper porn!!!!
  22. Let me guess, an HG blanche full of genepi goodness? Over the holidays I had to buy a bottle of cognac because my dressing recipe called for some and I was out. I picked up some Courvoisier Napoleon, and I have to say that I like this stuff. Tonight I'm going to give it a try in a Sazerac. It's not rye, but for some reason I think it's going to be good.