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  1. how does the shipping work? i would imagine theyd need someone 21 and over to sign for the package right?
  2. why yes...an other...are there more?
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  4. hahaha i dont really have 7 grand to throw at a bottle at the moment... i did do some research, a lot of "experts" have said that it wont do anything, and infact Thujon can cause convulsions in high doses. i can only assume thats why its limited to 10 ppm in the US, though in England its 10 milileters i believe(maybe all of europe but im no expert) but i know Germanys allows a higher content. i did feel something, we each took it before going to oktoberfest and that 1 shot plus a large hefe definately had me very buzzed, but who knows maybe most of it was psychosematic. until the next time! i will check out the reviews more, but i'm also very limited in the selection catagory as the only place i've ever seen carry it has been BevMo and they only had 5 or 6...one of which was on the artificial absinthe list for reviews
  5. So I picked up a bottle of Grande Absentina recently and tried it for the first time last night. I poured a shot into a glass, then used an absinthe spoon to strain a sugar cube with ice water untill it was about 2/3rd water. My first impression was that it had a strong licorice smell, similar to Jager but not quite as strong. A friend and I each downed a glass, the taste wasn't over powering but it seemed to cling to the inside of your mouth. i've done some research and there seems to be a huge, huge, HUGE, variety of Absinthe on the market, i'm just curious as to how the american absinthes compare to their european cousins and even if there's any similarities. I did find something that was explaining the different spellings for Absinthes, and that Absinth and Absintina weren't real absinths(i didnt notice absintina on my bottle till i bought it) Also is it true that some absinthes contain hollucinogenic(i know i butchered that word) properties?
  6. New to the forum and to absinthe...stumbled upon this board in google and i must say im pretty impressed