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  1. So I've been drinking BdJ for two days now I find it very enjoyable, very intriguing. You take a sip and you feel different things for another half a minute I find it tastiest at 1:3.5 - 1:4 dilution ratio
  2. As for the wax problem. Submerge the top of the bottle in HOT water (running hot tap water for example) for 5-10 seconds. The wax for about 10-15 seconds stops being brittle and becomes elastic instead. Then you can remove it in large pieces (using a knife and peeling it off from the bottom for example).
  3. Thanks everyone, it's good to be here
  4. Thank you everyone for suggestions Leopold's (Leopold Brothers Absinthe Verte I assume ), Pacifique (Pacifique Absinthe Verte Superieure) Delaware Phoenixes, Perroquet and the Jade series This gives me an idea where to start PS. My BdJ arrives tomorrow!
  5. Hello everyone! I've been intrigued with absinthe for years now and I always wanted to try it (nobody cared to inform that the ban was lifted several years ago ). The atmosphere that's surrounding the drink is unique. I just ordered my first bottle and I can't wait to try it! Paul
  6. Hello everyone I just ordered my very first bottle of absinthe - Berthe de Joux from Emile-Pernot. I have never drunk absinthe before and I am very excited :D I would like to ask respected members of the WWS what other brands should I try. I know there are dozens if not hundreds of different brands. I would like to have an opportunity to try several quality absinthes, different from each other, representing different places on the spectrum, different absinthe experiences, if I may phrase it like that.