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  1. Those who really try to be cool can, at best, only be posers. You either is or you ain't.
  2. OK, I must have been abreacting. Shysters and Shills bring that out in me.
  3. Isn't that the same scumbag that bought 2 bottles upon it's release and then tried to sell them here for an exhorbitant price? Even Jesus wouldn't charge that much for it.
  4. I just pinch a paper cup and I find I can do a real slow pour -- even a drip with it. If you pour too fast, just let the drink sit a minute or three and the louche will develop. Ha!
  5. I'd consider the Doubs Mystique,the Eduard or the Verte de Fougerells. Unfortunately they must be imported.
  6. I usually make bourbon balls but I think I'll do some absinthe balls as well this year.
  7. Jaded Prole

    Da rules

    I'll keep that in mind
  8. "Green Moon" would more properly be labeled "absente." "Southernwood" is what absente uses and though it's related, it is not AA like in flavor. No AA, no absinthe, period.
  9. I still have some of that and it has held its color very well over the years. Damn the rate of exchange! Good to see so many new absinthes coming out, I only hope some of them make it to the US market.
  10. Here's a source for some exciting stuff.
  11. Changing weather patterns are going to cause havoc all around. Best to store and preserve as much as possible. I fear it'll get a lot worse in the next decade.