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  1. I'm joining in late, but I agree with you greenman... I've always looked at alcohol like a stepping stone. I am one way, and I use it to become another. It was never something I enjoyed drinking. It was never as yummy as chocolate milk or soda, but I liked the after effects. So, I drank as quick as possible. It wasn't about picking up all the flavors and taking my senses on an adventure. It was all about getting as fucked up as possible as quick as possible... Now, its more about finding the right taste in each area and doing it slowly. I enjoy taking my time. Its not a race. I don't get a medal at the end. My reward is finding something I can truely enjoy. Getting drunk is just the cherry on top. I was starting to become that way with my vodka and whiskey. Taking my time to find just the right one. Absinthe took everything to a different level. It's an obsession. Wanting to discover every single flavor my taste buds can pick up on. Being able to notice the difference from one herb to the other. Since Absinthe, I am a lot more curious about everything and wanting to rediscover what it does for me. I find it intoxicating and animalistic. Primal. Something exotic and personal. Every single touch, taste, smell, hear... Its all about the ride.
  2. I did, haha!, I just pretty much drank it straight, which, I cant feel my taste buds now, haha, and then had it with sprite. I was shocked it louched. heehee
  3. It was standable. Well, the first one. Then I added a lot more sprite and it totally louched that time and it was a lot better. I'm pretty drunk right now actually. I've had 2 and before that 2 mike's hard pink lemonades. I get drunk easy. just sayin'.
  4. stttttttrrrrrroooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I just spent the last 12 HOURS in a non-stop hunters education... Pass me a glass. It's absinthe time... My husband has convienced me to try his absinthe cocktail, which is a large shot of mansinthe and a shot of sprite. Hold on to your spoons, fellas, it's gonna be a bumpy ride....
  6. I think you can't blame someones mental state on anything but the person feeling that way. Only YOU and your genetics control how you feel. I have a history genetically of mental disorders. It's in my blood. But pharmacies save me a lot of grief. I take my medicine, and drink my liquor and think "happy thoughts" or in the very least play disney movies back to back, and I'm pretty content. Marilyn Manson is all man, by the way. Says so on his driver's license. haha... He just wore that suite that gave him breasts to make art. He even says he is "You said I tasted famous, so I drew you a heart, But now I'm not an artist I'm a fucking work of art" ... Then goes on to say "you wanted perfect, I got your perfect" So I think he's saying he creates his image to be different and doesnt really care what people think. Confidence like that, is sexy as hell no matter if you male, female, or both.
  7. I'm totally in love with Marilyn Manson. I've had a crush on him since I was like 13. He is one of my top favorite singers. His music speaks to so many people and makes them actually feel things, whereas other music people just bump and grind to... I think he's attractive with or without makeup, but his way of speaking makes me swoon. I loved the ass chaps too, haha, that was good. That man makes you think outside the box. He actually helps my self esteem, he never effected me in a negative way growing up. People who blame music for their screwed up kids is just pathetic. I've had several people close to me commit suicide but it was because they were really sad, or lonely, or high & drunk. The music they listened to was the only times in their life they were happy and felt a connection with the world. The people in the communities whos had shootings should thank musicians for the music they created, because without it, those teens would have committed crimes a lot sooner. If you want a singer to pick on, choose someone like Michael Jackson. I feel compelled to keep masinthe in stock just because I want to show my support. techdriver, why were you in an incubator, if you don't mind me asking? I have always heard alcohol was used a lot to help children sleep or when they were sick. I'd never try it on my kid, just because she's totally silly and loopy with baby tylenol. I don't think I'd ever want to give her a little drop of whiskey in her milk like my grandparents used to do to me. They told me they did that to me a couple times when I was sick, and I ended up rolling around in the floor singing "The little mermaid" songs for like hours. haha! But I think you make a pretty good point.. I think if you ever get TRUELY and TOTALLY sick on anything you kinda lose your taste for it, at least for a while.
  8. Jules~ It be such a shame to spill a nice drink skiing, but being able to multitask must be fun in its own... haha!
  9. Green Man, what kind of card games do you like to play? I'm trying to learn poker. I just can't get the face right, heehee... Thanks Boggy, I'll look that up. Ryan, haha... Who's thi man and why would I date him for 50K and why on earth would I want him to impregnate me??? I'm laughing so hard at that. One man's sperm is as good as another, well, as long as his genes are decent.
  10. Drinks are easy if their not thick. Smoothies and things, I don't know what to expect. But trying liqour is easy... I know what to expect from them. Liqour, to me, is very predictable... Well, when I'm at home anyways...
  11. I don't drink beer at all. I only had it twice in my life. Once my dad gave me a sip when I was about 4 or 5, then when I was 15... The smell of beer to this day turns my tummy. I prefer to stick to hard liqour..Mixed drinks... Vodka & OJ is my everyday drink of choice. We have this one drink in the bars downtown called "walk me home, sweet jesus"... Its tasty, but killer. I do have another problem, it's very... VERY serious... I'm almost out of absinthe. *horror music* AHHHHHHH!!!
  12. m.a., Its a fun thought to think I can change. Fun and equally as gross. I mean really? Me?? Me and pineapples??? *Shudders*
  13. Yeah, techdriver... haha, thats true... I like to pick apart everything before I make a decision...
  14. Like kids on Christmas morning... I can't wait to find the tall thin boxes cover in my favorite wrapping paper reading "love "santa" aka *enter pet name*.." Absomphe.. I was raised by recovering alcoholics, and they tell me all the time "your falling off the wagon" haha
  15. I'm just going to have to read more. Maybe I'll go get a book tonight that helps me figure out what ingredients and herbs do for the flavor and what combinations are best. I'm going to start searching for absinthes that say things like "buttery" or "candy" or "cinnamon" or "coffee"... I like the liqorice taste and don't mind the burn or minty aftertaste, but I'm not much for the "flower" like taste which is what knocked me out on the mansinthe. I will say though, I haven't had one in a few hours, and I already miss the smell. haha!... Addiction is right. AND I've slept better these last couple days than in months...
  16. Sure, Brian... It kinda sounds funny though... I have an obsession with texture. The way it looks, or feels especially. And if it looks like ir feels like it might have a funny texture, I don't put it in my mouth. Take strawberries for example. They are covered in little seeds. And even when I take tweezers and pluck every seed out (yes, I actually did this & gave up when I reached a little over 500 seeds) theres still a million little holes. I think about how that would feel in my mouth and it makes me gag. I start thinking of all the really gross things I've seen that remind me of what I'm about to eat. pasta strainers, pores, the insides of a flower, even sicker the freaky kid in school whos face was covered in blackheads (GROSS!)... And then I totally lose it... Im trying hard not to right now. I don't know why those things freak me out, but it does. Even the pasta strainer. I don't use them. ughhh..... It makes me feel like I need to wash my hands with boiling water... I do the same thing with jello (I had nursing school where they showed what fat looks like in layers in our body. It still gives me nightmares), bananas, pudding, black olives, ocra (eww!)... Oh, man, you name it, if I havent eaten it, theres justification in my mind... Even some non food items give me the creeps like the pasta strainer, even some of the absinthe spoons gave me the willies. My old therapist said it was a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Its like in that movie "signs" where little Bo had that obsession with her drinking water. I'm living proof thats true, because I don't drink water thats not cold. Or out of a hose. Its like I can taste the minerals. Some foods can't even come in my house like ocra. NO WAY. When I was super little I sqeezed fried ocra in my hand and that mental image still makes me wanna throw up. It makes me itch all over like theres bugs on me, or makes my stomach turn. I welcome ya'll to poke fun at me, haha, I'm very used to it... I have little "tics" like that a lot. I don't like stepping on cracks.. Theres a lot of things like that. But its mainly with food. See? Im obsessing right now, hahaha!
  17. Absinthe Leone? I found "candy"... then I stumbled on the drink. It looks fake, but I don't know. Thoughts?
  18. It makes me feel wierd that I wasnt totally in love with mansinthe like everyone else is. I think I need to try a Jade... I also want to try the ones with un-traditional flavors. I liked the black liqorice flavor. But the "flowerie" taste was not a favorite. I think I need buttery vs flowers...
  19. Oh, I'm not worried. The only time I get carded is the liquor store and strip club. But I think thats just to avoid fines. UPS, post office, smoke shops, head shops, bars... In these parts we work on the trust system. Did Joe just say half dozen? Jules picked a good one!!!
  20. this thread's headline should be changed to "what are you drinking this morning, brunch, afternoon, evening, nightime, and super late/super early (whichever comes first)?"
  21. I like Arkansas jokes because their kinda true... hahaha! I'm watchng the sun come up... It's pretty chilly so I'm enjoying a nice hot mocha with bailey's... I think I might go back to bed.. It's my wedding anniversary this weekend. (we got married on halloween) ... I can't believe it'sbeen 9 years! Started dating my husband shortly after I turned 16, and been married 2... (theres ome Arkansas jokes for ya )
  22. Brian, when I say theres not much I havent tried, gin is one of those few things. Gin, Wine, and... well, I can't think of anything else off hand, so... As far as you'd be suprised of what I havent tried, I meant more about food... Oranges, bananas, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, peaches, (All the fruits accept apples.) I've never had a fresh tomato, mushrooms, broccoli, ok pretty much a most the veggies too... Oh, I've never had cheesecake, or pie... never had any seafood accept fishsticks, and like, maybe tuna in a can... Get the picture? haha