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  1. Just curious. I'm an industrial (Skinny puppy type not the new plastic crap) artist who suffers from perpetual writers block. I can get about half way into a song before I get frustrated that its 'not sounding right'. I was hoping it could help crack the block as it were. Anyway maybe it'll help me get in the right mood
  2. I noticed a lot of people here are artistically inclined in some way would you say absinthe is a bit of a muse for your art? Something that helps get pen to paper, brush to canvas or notes to a sequencer?
  3. One can use an 'Oklahoma' by disregarding it and moving away Yeah Kübler sounds like a great starter, plus its one of three I can get with our importing, the other two being Lucid and Grand Absente. After check out the reviews Kübler looks like the winner
  4. Ok so whats the difference in Blanche and verte? Other than color
  5. Hey guys, I'm totally new to absinthe and live in the Tulsa area (Horrible combo given our liquor laws). Anyway I haven't actually HAD any yet. I used of of those kits to make colored everclear and hate it. I'm going to pick me up a bottle of Kübler next time I'm paid