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  1. Saw this on the WWOZ website...I haven't heard it yet, but I believe the part of interest is in part 2...hope you all enjoy it!
  2. Welcome from your southern neigbor & fellow neophyte!
  3. Do you have to listen to Prince when you drink it? I would!
  4. Hmmm, to me it looks like it's just the color of the glass, not the actual liquid, but who knows
  5. Found this & just thought it was cool
  6. Yet another reason to read this book
  7. Ooops, didn't know about that...sorry for the repost!
  8. Howdy do neighbor & welcome!
  9. In this week's special summer guide issue, I found this...not quite sure what to make of it...let the discussion begin! Remember, I'm just the messenger
  10. Ah, mead...spring means ren faire time, which always puts me in the mood for some...I shall have to scrounge Bev Mo and Hi Time for a bottle or two!
  11. Welcome! Looking forward to checking out the show!
  12. Happy new year all! May it be happy, healthy, prosperous, & better than the last one!