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  1. Joe, I picked up a bottle of Ridge Verte a couple of weeks back and just wanted to say well done! Particularly what appeals to me is the 'fullness' that this one has --nice and big. Also noteworthy is, while the balance of all of the elements seems 'just right' one can still find new things with each sip --never boring -- good stuff
  2. I wouldn't know how it stacks up to 'true Swiss', but the Jade VS 1898 is darn tasty.
  3. Jade PF 1901 -- beautifully intense flavor right through the last sip.
  4. Over the weekend I was afforded an opportunity to sample the latest version of the Pacifique. Indeed, a very, very different product from the 2009 bottles I purchased. To me, the nose is very similar to VP, but the taste is quite a bit different. Compared to the 2009 version this new batch has a much more substantial mouth feel (thicker, creamier) and a very long, satisfying wormwood finish. There is quite a bit more complexity and interest in this one too -- though I'm at a loss to really identify the components or describe them. Overall, it's bigger, bolder, but still very approachable for even a first time taster -- easily recommendable -- very enjoyable.
  5. Indeed! It's been almost 2 years since my last taste -- looking forward to revisiting this one.
  6. The color thing isn't a big deal, but when the louche is weak the mouth feel tends to be thin and lessens the 'flavor' experience. Again, tasty enough, but not 'magic' to me at all.
  7. Not likely. I would love to try the 'new and improved', but the cost to take the chance is difficult to justify.
  8. The two bottles I purchased about a year and half ago had almost no coloring whatsoever -- save for the faintest shade of yellow. The louche was very, very thin and would barely tolerate anything over a 2:1 water ratio. The taste was pleasant enough, but again, only if prepared rather undiluted.
  9. Give Duplais Swiss Absinthe Blanche a try. It's different, but if you like Pacifique I think this one will please you too.
  10. I recommend checking out the 'inspiration' for '12 Monkeys' too: 'La Jetee' http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056119/
  11. Me neither. I was actually pretty disappointed in this one. It seems to be cut from the same cloth as the VP, which I feel is actually a more enjoyable absinthe. However, both of these have some flavor component that just isn't real agreeable to me. It's so very interesting to read reviews about different absinthes and then to finally taste them for yourself. Like everything else, it's definitely a 'to each his own' thing. Now, where is that PF 1901... (excuse me, JL 1901)
  12. I've been enjoying exploring absinthe for about 2 years now and have really appreciated all of the wisdom of experience shared on the Wormwood Society Forum. Presently, I've sampled about 15 brands-- many of which were rated highly in either the review section or in postings. As with most things, eventually it comes down to personal preference. That said, Jade PF 1901, Jade Edouard, Jade VS 1898, Marteau, and Duplais Verte are among those that I would rate (in my somewhat limited experience) 'as good as it gets'. Anyway, thanks for helping us newbies get the facts about absinthe as well as helping us find the 'real' stuff Peace, Waldon www.waldonreed.com