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  1. This is possibly the funniest thing I've read all month. Apparently you are right in that they do not teach inductive reasoning 101 in school.
  2. I think Brian is right. Mgs - I can see your use of the word synchronicity in describing how absinthe could make a revival in the US market after being legalized in France, but to use the word as Jung did as some esoteric and mystical thing will make any sensible person crack a laugh. I don't think there is much more to read into here, but I appreciate all of your replies - and Brian, you seem to be spot on.
  3. No, I was looking for absinthe with wormwood in it. Does pernod have wormwood in it, or are all the distilled "herbs" like wormwood in it just chemical flavor substitutes? So what is a better absinthe for a reasonable price? I paid like 70$ for this one, though I saw Lucid for 45$. I don't know if Lucid is any better, though supposedly it does have wormwood according to their site. Sahiri - if I wanted to rot my brain I could think of much cheaper ways to do it.
  4. I just wanted to see if Pernod was a viable absinthe. I know absinthe is not licorice. I also know that thujone is only in high concentrations in poorly made absinthe. I am curious to know if Pernod is considered authentic or not.
  5. Someone tell me that Pernod is not fake absinthe. The stuff tastes like licorice. Is this absinthe made the proper way with wormwood? Should there be a lot of thujone(s) in it?