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  1. I plan to avoid it given the large amount of distaste it was shown here Thank you all for the input
  2. It looks like absinthes dot com has several of these in stock right now (same era). 78 a bottle. Thanks for your assistance in pointing out the label Maybe I'll buy it and trade it to someone for a bottle of absinthe.
  3. So with some more research (and reading the label) this may be a 70s bottle of Anise Spirit then?
  4. I'm absolutely serious I came here as I know people are VERY knowledgeable and could possibly help me narrow down a time frame.
  5. Hello! Been awhile since I have been here. Im considering purchasing an bottle of Pernod Fils and I'm trying to nail down the age of the bottle. I think it's no earlier than the 90's personally. Does anyone know when Pernod switched to a screw style cap? It was intended for US sale as it says "Imported from France". The box looks pretty basic and makes me think its older than the 90's - maybe 80s? Thoughts?
  6. I wish Lucid was 45 bucks here.... :(
  7. Sadly, I think he read somewhere that Pernod had a high content and was lookin for a cheap trip. I ran into a guy at my work who said he only drank absithne from outside the US because it has a higher thujone content. /sigh
  8. I GOT IT! Put these two in front of your now good bottles to keep people out of them Kinda like camouflauge.....
  9. Drain cleaner? Spritz around your property to keep strays away?
  10. I will consider that- Interesting to see what L O L gets turned into- wont do that again
  11. Ok- so the prices on the samples are great. Shipping made me nearly pass out. Luscious Oily Lesbians!
  12. OOO! That's lovely! Soo many choices! Thank you!
  13. So now my curiosity has the best of me, unfortunately I live in a smaller town AND I'm not loaded with money. Spending 70+ on a full size bottle and then not liking it makes me a bit shy. I have seen a few sites that sell small bottles (ie "airplane size"), any suggestions on sites with a good selection? Oh and that will ship to the US? Thanks in advance from the newb
  14. My fiance thought I was mad- sadly I have found it very hard to pick a fountain that I really love. So until I find the one I really want the plastic box will have to do.
  15. Until I find the fountain I want this works: OF course it was brand new and has never seen anything other than water <begin laugh roll>
  16. Well techincally my first bottle was a bottle of Lucid- which I liked quite a bit. Even though the reviews are mixed on it. The bottle of Tourment was pretty and hand numbered and all- must be to cover up for the bad taste
  17. Greetings all ! I am new to the forums and to absinthe in general. However, I do appreciate the amount of work that has went into this website and the bountiful information it has provided me so far. It saved me from buying a bottle of Le Tourment over a bottle of Pacifique I look forward to learning more about this wonderful stuff and starting a collection!