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  1. Harvest Pumpkin Ale Dinner is roasted Golden Nugget squash with Garam Masala. I love fall.
  2. I'm on the East side of WA state. I will see if they have it here. I will have to remember this for my next Seattle trip!
  3. Can I get this in the States? It sounds amazing.
  4. Dumb people are dumb. I gave up trying to educate them. Maybe one day I'll make a pamphlet
  5. So sweet orange wine with orange. I like it
  6. After reading the two reviews I decided to pick up a bottle when I was in Vegas. 1/2 a glass down and its a very easy drinking absinthe. I do like the numbness that builds with each sip. It isn't complex but it is tasty. I would buy another bottle.
  7. Pyramid Apricot Ale with Mango Habanero Salmon. The beer is a really good pairing.
  8. What is that? I have never heard of it and google didn't seem to be that helpful. Unless you are eating orchids...
  9. Thanks all! I really like the looks of it though. I am not inclined to pay a 100 bucks
  10. I saw this on Ebay and I really like it. Is it a water pitcher? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bottle-Advertising-Absinthe-Mucha-Bar-Porcelain-Enamels-Ceramic-/390598570956?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5af17d33cc
  11. Having a glass of Wild Card. Nice and light for a summer evening.
  12. Ship Wreck Coconut Rum. Delicious over ice.
  13. I think its a nice absinthe to introduce newcomers to.
  14. I thought the same thing! Its a nice absinthe.
  15. Patiently waiting for my bottle of L'Ancienne to leave Germany.....
  16. I talked the liquor store in Umatilla Oregon into carrying some absinthe They now carry Lucid, Wild Card, Pacifique and soon to have a few more Oregon liquor prices are a bit cheaper than Washington right now . Check them out if you are close by.