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  1. Disaronno sour with Seagrams. Surprisingly pleasant!
  2. Heritage Distillery Brown Sugar Bourbon 103 proof. Neat.
  3. I haven't read this thread in a bit, sounds like a running commentary of the Tavour offerings.
  4. This morning I had 3 fraudulent charges appear on my bank card which are based out of Germany. I am NOT pointing fingers at anyone, but I recently made a legitimate purchase from a company in Germany. I wanted give everyone a heads up in case someone else experienced the same problem within the last few weeks and to put everyone else on alert. I have already contacted the company that I had a legitimate charge with to let them know what happened. I cannot say for certain the leak started there, but it is highly coincidental that the charges are originating from the same country. If you would like a bit more detail I am happy to tell you privately. No need to drag names through the dirt without cause.
  5. ^^^^ Jealous Mine appears to be clear of customs.
  6. Mine shipped too! A great birthday present
  7. Thank you Stefano! Now I will wait with much anticipation for my delivery and news of the next batch
  8. Does anyone know how many bottles were shipped for public release? Just a curiosity of mine.
  9. Thank you for posting! I can't wait to get the bottle.
  10. It's worth the higher price. My bottle from 2013 is still 3/4 full. I wish I would have bought a second to cellar.