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  1. It's ok, Songcatcher - this is the perfect support community for your problem(s).
  2. ...late to the party as always, AND without a drink in hand...what the? However, did get an early start with a late lunch that included a Bear Republic Big Bear Imperial Stout (rich chocolate / coffee / roast character without too much bitterness) and a Ballast Point Barmy Ale (10% apricot ale - walking the fine line that precedes tartness). Both were righteous. Gonna grab a Midas Touch from the fridge now.
  3. Nice collection, Scott. Old stuff is cool!
  4. Hi Joshua - glad you've made the leap out into the open.
  5. Yes - you see a fish-eel that appears to be hungry, your eyes fly out of your head and then bulge, your head explodes, and it all culminates in you kicking your own butt. I think these are all of the signs of "tripping ballz".
  6. Good evening, all. Hope youse are well. Yowie, some fine drinking going on here. Damn Abs, you don't play! I usually reserve something like a Rochefort 10 for a specialer occasion - Cheers! Louchey - I encourage your experiencing a Rochefort 10 - you can find them at finer beer stores (Beverage Warehouse will surely have it) - but that Westy 12 will be another matter altogether - they are quite rare here in the states. I agree with y'alls assessments on the New Belgium LOF series - and would extend them to nearly the entire roster of NB beers - most are very "mild-mannered". However, in my humble opinion, they hit a home run with their LOF Cocoa Mole. It's the best example I've found yet of a chocolate-chili beer. To me, it almost tastes as though it's cooked, rather than brewed - if that makes sense. It's food, not beer. Amazing. Haha, this "Krishan" fellow sounds like a real treat. Evan, congrats - I emptied my Ridges long ago and have unfortunately not replenished them (mighta had something to do with their absence from C & W). I hope to catch some of that magic emerald green batch #43 we've been teased with. Wow Jules. For my part, I started with my buddy Mansinthe. Now enjoying a wormwood-minty-fresh Jade 1901. ....now go back to sleep, youse.
  7. oh, and this was classic: "Dr. Breaux's stomach pain medicine" Thanks Pere Ubu. I've also used the green hooch as a tummy med on occasion. Works great!
  8. Man, I love Friday lunch...Gulden Draak, followed by a 1/2 pour of Deschutes Black Butte XXIV (both on draft). .......not tryin' to get hammered here or anything......gotta get back to work!
  9. Hey Bon Bock - welcome. Like Louchey said, nice intro. I completely agree with you on the whole "feeling excited about shelling out lotso dough on booze" thing. Before absinthe, I was never all that into "hard" liquor; I drank my share during my mispent youth, and I like gin now, but absinthe, as you said, is different. So many fine expressions to enjoy.
  10. Evenin' all. That sounds pretty damn good, Green Baron. I need more cocktails in my life... For my part, some more of that Penfolds Rawson's Retreat.
  11. Welcome to the forum! You'll enjoy true absinthe very soon.
  12. Ahhhhh, thanks Brian. I've read a couple of posts here recently about decanting absinthe into other bottles. Is oxygenation the aim here?