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  1. It will go to one of the educators above.... I no longer need it as I now know what crapsithe looks, smells, and tastes like. I would be honored to help educate other newcomers to avoid the pitfall I made with this purchase. ya know...it has aged for a few years...maybe it has improved..... just kidding...
  2. Back when I first started in with this love story with absinthe I made the mistake many budding absintheurs (and teenage boys) make...I fell for some real trailer trash. This looked good in the dim lights but like the peroxide blonde that has been rode hard and put up wet, in the light of day it is a real horror show. To make a long story short (and to limit my shame) I bought a couple bottles from a German dealer assuming that they were being truthful in their descriptions. What I received has about as much resemblance to absinthe as I have to Mother Teresa. Color...bright green, puts me in mind of something served in the Emerald City Aroma... very similar to NiteQuil Louche...yeh...right...turned lighter clear green Aroma after louche...weak NiteQuil Taste...blocked it out. One bottle I tried, the other is still sealed. Question is what do I do with this stuff? Can't drink it yet I hate pouring that kind of money down the drain twice. Any thoughts? I considered using it for fuel in my zippo but I am afraid it would ruin my lighter. At least they gave good instructions for flaming....
  3. To these I would add If it has directions for flaming on the bottle or tag put it back on the shelf and back away slowly...then turn and run.
  4. Logansport, Indiana...just floating here in the middle of the bible belt surrounded by corn and beans...
  5. I appreciate the offer Green Baron but I would never risk the health of a fellow absintheur with such a dangerous product. I will slowly dispose of this an ounce or two at a time to make sure it doesn't harm my pipes...
  6. My glasses are rather plain and not antiques but modern reproductions...but I like them... Well...one is not a new reproduction...perhaps not a true absinthe glass at all but it does fluoresces nicely under uv
  7. This was not sold to me as an absinthe glass, I found it in a small town "antique" shop among dozens of other pieces of stemware. But the shape was very reminiscent of the Pontarlier" style reservoir glasses. The color caught my eye as well and I suspected it was a piece of Vaseline glass and it does fluoresces nicely under UV. It is very thin glass...wouldn't last a night in a bar. None the less it is my most used glass unless I have a guest joining me. The wide mouth allows the body of the absinthe to freely expand enhancing my enjoyment.
  8. I shall await the announcement of the new website with much anticipation, remaining prepared to toast the event in the traditional manner.
  9. what is with all the "stand it up" hysteria...no one here ever lays something on it's side for a pic? Do you think it has been laying on my computer chair for the last four years?..... I still have a couple other bottles that are younger than the Essai that I can drink first and as I drink quite seldom they may last me two or more years. If the consensus is let it age I will...perhaps a couple years from now it will be time for a tasting party.
  10. Ideally I would like to share it with others but the chances of an absinthe tasting party here in Indiana is pretty low to say the least. Will letting it age further be beneficial? I have heard pros and cons on aging...I know the 60 year old Bottle in Bond Old Granddad was rather nice.
  11. Nice to see sarcasm levels are still about the same... If I am correct that is an (essai 5) in that link...not the same as I posted I did find an old post from 2006 on the (essai 2) but it contained very little info...just several people saying "I want to taste it", not particularly helpful. The link provided did help as I did not find that in my search...thanks for that.
  12. I bought this...stashed it away as I had a couple other open bottles at the time and forgot about it for 4 years. I have been wracking my normally befuddled mind for info on this bottle. I was a member here long ago and know there are many knowledgeable folk that call this forum home and I hope someone will remind me of just what I have here... http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z271/re.../absuisse-1.jpg