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  1. I've got my crockpot for sale... I'm moving to a pressure cooker/thermal cooker combo
  2. Hi everyone, we drink chai. I think the best chai is made with mamri tea. I use a different brand than this, it's called 'Tea of Assam' which IIRC is where all mamri is from You're supposed to boil the milk, water, sugar, tea masala and tea together, filter through sieve and serve but I cheat. I just boil the water and steep the mamri in a pot like any other tea. I have some tea masala in a sprinkle can, because Handsome Husband doesn't like it as strong as I. So when I get ready to serve, I'll sprinkle in the masala to taste, add sugar (he and I also differ on that) and use half-and-half. Instead of sugar and half-and-half, some people use sweetened condensed milk. But you've gotta use the mamri tea, for it's strong enough to stand up to the masala and creamy milk. Mamri has a malty flavour, if I had to describe it
  3. Although it's been a few days since, we were on the boat for Christmas. Louchin' it up at Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Fla
  4. Thanks! I got the seeds from eBay, something like 100 for a buck IIRC. People sell 'em all the time. I'll have to dig round to find the seller. Almost all the seeds I set propagated, but as I said, the ones in the ground wilted and died. It's been a hot dry year. I'll have to try earlier setting
  5. I used to race bicycles on same team with Blaine Guidry from Cecilia. Any relation?
  6. Hey y'all, was at a robotics competition in NOLA, and yes, the place on Veterans is Dorignac's. They have PACIFIQUE!!!!, Mythe, Kübler, Mansinthe, Lucid, Absente, Mata Hari, Pernod (absinthe and pastis). I think that was all of 'em. I was just jazzed to see the Pacifique and grabbed a couple bottles. Spending a day amongst 8th graders was rather exhausting
  7. Miguel, are you trying to say "Dorignac's"? 'cause in the annals of Awesome Grocery Stores In NOLA, there's Schwegmann's too ;-) ww If we can create a demand there at Marcello's, I expect they'd get in other brands. They're good about that. Been a bit so there may be other brands
  8. Retail? WHERE?!? oh man, you've made my day... Pacifique?
  9. Hi it's me, I'm back Here's some pix. Hope they're illuminating, phone's all i've got. BTW, when I said 'leaflet' I mean three lobes off the leaf, leaf being the same as the first image
  10. Hi there and bienvenue, I'm also a USL alumna, and I call Lafayette home although I'm now in the BLX. In any case, since there really is a dearth of selection in Miz'sippi, I have to buy out of LA (or mail order). Thing is, Handsome Husband works in Laf, and he picks up Vieux Carré for me right there, at Marcelo's. I think Marcelo's also carries Mansinthe. I don't know that NOLA has a better selection than that, with the possible exception of a highly marked up couple of Jade offerings ($110+). That may have changed.
  11. tami

    What is this?

    After looking at the thing again, and comparing it to the one in LM's pic, these sure look to be from the same mfg. The typeface for the lettering is identical as is the spigot casting, etc. Geez...
  12. Damn washing machine, just got it in '05, it's not very old. Stupid thing won't balance - I keep hearing the squall of the brake trying to shift the load. Grrr. I'm gonna have a Glass O' Pacifique. That'll make it all better, and after the second or third Pacifique, I won't give a flying damn whether I even have clothes, much less a machine...
  13. Will do. I'm not sure, I bought these seeds on eBay. I think the artemisias are pretty and I wanted 'em for decor more than anything. They've never done well here, it's too hot I think. The ones I put in the ground just died right off and this one is in a pot and isn't nearly as big as the plants I see in pictures. I expect that even if it is A. absinthium it might be that the poor thing might well be just plain stunted, ha ha
  14. Saw this listing at eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Unique-Antique-Abs...f#ht_500wt_1413 whatever this is, they're proud of it for that price, it seems to me. But what is it? Is it a fountain? I don't think they'd say "club" in France, they'd say "salon" or something else, right?