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  1. Thanks for not hating on a noob. Absinthe seems like an interesting drink regardless of effects. Good thing I won't be disappointed by the hype now. I feel like i would like stuff that's heavy in anise because i like the aftertaste of licorice... Apparently too much of that is considered tacky... Thanks again for being friendly!
  2. Hi. I'm new here. I found this place after looking at the notorious "czech shit" and thinking about buying it... Good thing i found this place. I've never tried absinthe before, and my girlfriend and I are interested. We're pretty poor and not big drinkers. So we'd be looking for a cheaper absinthe with a lower alcohol content and high thujone content. We want to feel the "effects" for our first time. There will be time to become afficionados later... Does anyone have any recommendations? What's the price range for a serving? Is it best to buy online? From a distributor's site or the manufacturer's site? Thanks for being a friendly, reliable forum... Mike