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  1. I did get my BDJ yesterday!! It's as delicious as I remembered!! Definitely in my top ten!! The see saw dripper is really a cool accessory! Quite fun to watch!!
  2. Hi All! Haven't been here in awhile! I ordered the BDJ special too! I haven't received it yet?? : ( I'm hoping it comes today!! I will be getting a free dripper too and can't wait to use it and re-taste the BDJ. The only time I tried it was at the catskill event and thought it was delicious!! Hope I enjoy it as much this time around!!
  3. Hi All, I'm sorry I haven't been here in quite awhile! Sometimes real life intervenes. Here's my 2 cents worth from the peanut gallery with my being a new member here. I had a wonderful time at the Catskill event, as did my husband and sisters. None of us had ever been to a absinthe event but we all decided we'd go to another as it was so much fun. We all had a great time! Julie and Scott worked very hard so that we could get together and have a good time. I think that everyone there had a great time! It was also great to meet other WS members. I think for future events it would be good to set guidelines and perhaps have a mentor there if possible, to avoid hurting folks who've worked so hard to make it happen. We can all learn from this.
  4. Cheryl, I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day!! And a spectacular year!!
  5. Well my b-day was yesterday and I've just been so busy with grades and critiques I was actually very happy that I finished them up yesterday!! So I've been indulging in some champagne tonight! Nothing expensive, just a little California Korbel!
  6. Happy Birthday Joe!! I hope you day and year are filled with lots of family, friends and loved ones with many more to come!!
  7. I love king crab legs!! Since I don't kill lobsters at home, or anywhere else for that matter, I almost prefer the crab legs... Just as sweet without having to put live lobsters in a pot!! Ewww... I hate that!!
  8. Happy Birthday FPB!! Have a great year and more to come!! Hope you have some good absinthe to celebrate with!!
  9. Julie from CatskillCellars is great! She carries, what I would consider some of the best absinthe offerings around! Her Delaware Phoenix products are absolutely top notch! Just plain old delicious! I love both the Walton Waters and Meadow of love but MoL is a personal favourite! They're awesome absinthes and wonderful stuff!! Highly recommended by many besides myself! You won't be disappointed!
  10. Hedonmonkey, You should check out the artist "Balthus". I think he died a few years ago, but his paintings are awesome! Your avatar pic reminds me of his work! Hope you like them! Again Welcome to you Iculus!! Apologises if I spelt it wrong!
  11. Ditto on that! It is amazing! Will just have to try the whiskey since I her absinthes!
  12. Welcome and Cheers!! Walton Waters and Meadow of love are 2 of my favourites, right up there with the Jade PF 1901 and Eddy!