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  1. Many years ago some distillers (don't remember which ones) in Val-de-Travers tried (and failed) to make the product name "absinthe" (plus "Fée verte" and "le bleue") geographically protected (IGP). Because of this I've been boycotting all Val-de-Travers distillers ever since. However, this debacle happened many(!) years ago and honestly there are many absinthes from this region that I'd like to try. Am I being unreasonable and overly stubborn for still boycotting them? What are your thoughts and opinions?
  2. I asked absinthes.com if they had plans on bringing back Matter's absinthes. I was told that there's a possibility they might get them back in the next few months.
  3. I see that there's an http://www.zufanek.cz/en/products/mead-base-absinthe'>absinthe by Zufanek made with a honey alcohol base (i.e. distilled mead), called "Mead Base". Sounds extremely interesting in my opinion. I mean, why not? There's absinthe based on alcohol from wine, so why not one based on alcohol from "honey wine"? I've never tried any of Zufanek's absinthes, but I know they're good at making them, so this one could be good as well. REVIEW PAGE UP
  4. Can you pour the absinthe back into its bottle after you've used it to coat the glass, or is there any risk that this might spoil the bottle in some way? Would it be better to just coat the glass with a larger amount (3cl or so) and save it for when I'm in the mood for a glass of absinthe?
  5. So when you wrote that "they have enough neutral spirit" you meant that they have enough of it in order to make absinthe? If so, I appologize for misunderstanding you. I interpreted it as "they already got too much neutral spirits, and should try making other types of spirits" (which is what I, as a Swede, personally think; many Swedes care only for binge drinking cheap alcohol, unfortunately).
  6. Those are extremely good news! :D However, the link just takes me to Facebook's main page. That's Scandinavian alcohol culture in a nutshell: bland and colourless.
  7. Mixing essences with vodka will not make an absinthe. Here's how real absinthe is made: http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/index.php?o...mp;limitstart=9 Welcome to the forums by the way! Feel free to introduce yourself in the newcomer forum
  8. The Eichelberger distillery makes an organic absinthe: http://www.absinthe.de/Green-Ribbon-Absinthe_detail_353.html
  9. Oh, sorry :( I thought this community didn't have that many gamers, so I never even thought of using the search function. Looks like I've been proven wrong
  10. I found a bottle of absinthe on a desk in BioShock. A pleasant surprise! What's not pleasant is that you can only drink it straight out of the bottle. Feels kind of ironic that you can't louche an absinthe in a game that takes place in an underwater city
  11. I see absinthe.de has started selling an organic absinthe called Green Ribbon. It's made by the same distiller as the Eichelberger line, so I assume it's pretty good. Has anyone here on the forum tried it yet?
  12. According to RueVerte.com it's the successor of the now discontinued Helfrich brand which, according to reviews, seems to have been very good. I haven't had any of Helfrich's absinthes, so I can't tell if Akveld's are equally good. Anyone here who have had Akveld's (especially the verte)? REVIEW PAGE ADDED
  13. Speaking of St. Antoine: the 7th batch is now available at absinthe.de :D