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  1. Thanks everyone again for the warm welcome! This stuff taste a LOT better the second night.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Brian, is this dinner on the 18th or the 25th? I work ever other weekend. This is my weekend off. Next weekend is a work weekend. Glass number two now... not sure about the "ratio".... it's not easy to tell without actually measuring. I fill the reservoir, maybe a tad over, then put enough water to fill up half the glass from the top of the reservoir to the top of the glass.... about at the dot on the i of "Lucid" (It's the gift set glass). I think it's probably a bit more than 3:1 but less than 4:1. Anyway... it does seem to be a good ratio for my taste.
  3. "Absinthe is a drink that takes its time. It's nearly impossible to knock one back. " That's true. Well I'm now consuming my first glass. I suppose I did okay for a neophyte with the drip over the sugar cube. I didn't see any exotic "wisps and swirls" form but the louche proceeded pretty early on at about 1:1.... nice light green tint formed almost soft and minty. The aroma did come fairly quickly. I'm not sure what everything is supposed to smell like, but it's certainly licorice-like. The taste is pretty complex. Peppery, licorice and herbal.... like candied turpentine! Luscious Oily Lesbians!. The first sip certainly left a numbness on the tongue. Body and head is warming up nicely..... more to follow
  4. Hello fellow Absentheurs. I have been lurking a while and finally signed up for this forum in anticipation of my first taste. I even chose a display name with some confidence that absinthe and I shall start lasting relationship. I'll keep the introduction simple. I am from south Louisiana. This culture is very acquainted with spirits and excess. After wondering if absinthe could be found in the local wine and spirit purveyors, a visit to the Ambassador Wine and Spirits facility has proven productive. They had 5 different brands in a showcase. The salesman first tried to convince me that the Pernod was a great choice. However, I saw the Lucid gift kit was the same price as a bottle of Lucid and decided on this as my initiation. I have it sitting here next to me. A stop at the supermarket yeilded some sugar cubes, although not the traditional European style, these should be fine. I hope Mr. Breaux will not let me down. My mother's maiden name is Breaux so Ted is likely some not to distant cousin. I'll let you all know how my experience goes during and after. Wish me well, Your new friend, John