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  1. Funny that you should mention the Gnossiennes; I was just playing them last night and thinking how they'd sound nice green. Glad to know that they do!
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome; the Edouard has yet to arrive, so I probably won't be making any other purchases soon. I'd like to try the Clandestine and the François Guy. I do indeed play the piano (how'd you guess? :P ). It was French music (Satie's) that sparked my interest in absinthe to begin with, actually.
  3. I'm delighted to have stumbled on to this site, having read the Wired article about Ted Breaux. I've been curious about absinthe for a while, and have order my first bottle of Jade's Edouard 72. I hadn't known that there would be such an active, knowledgable community of absintheurs; apparently I've underestimated the gathering power of the Internet. So, um... hello! Cheers!
  4. Mahler #2 (w/CSO and Solti) Debussy/Ravel Neutral Milk Hotel The Books These are a few of my favorite things... Oh, and hi, I'm new. Nice to meet you fine folk! I wouldn't said something sooner, but as a musician, I couldn't pass up this great topic!