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  1. Grazie We thoroughly enjpying our Absinthe journey...the rituals, the varying tastes....the stuff! It continues to be ahelluva fun ride... PF1901, Mystique and Amer 72 on its way..can't wait
  2. Wow...Didn't expect such a response....jeez. We're not lighting it on fire- Viex Pont (it just works), crush it and follow with a splash of water. She says it tastes like a black jelly bean with a kick... When she heard the cries of agony from the masses, her quote was - "FOr God's sake...grow a set". Ahh I love this girl.
  3. ....um pouring the absinthe over the cubes into the glass....is having the "resources"? Guess I'm livin' the dream afterall...
  4. Is that one cube between the two of you? Do you cut it in half or just share it orally? Kinky ... Well, definately have shared them...
  5. Just curious if anyone else does this. Before my wife and I enjoy our evening drink. Sometimes I douse 3 small sugar cubes with Absinthe in the Brouille, filling to the dose line. We eat one cube straight up leaving the others to be part of the drink. The intensity of Absinthe neat with the sugar is quite a rush. Wife calls it her pre-drink jelly bean. Kinda fun
  6. Might I suggest Cigars International...best prices I've ever seen, super fast shipment, never been disappointed
  7. Duplais Verte - Also La Fee and Lucid...but who cares.
  8. ....actually thought it would contradict each other badly. But, I sat back with a Raphael Gonzalez petite corona and a 3:1 Pacifique, and I found it quite nice. The smoke opened up the palate to the hebal side of my glass far more than normal. May not be to everyone's taste (I still prefer Kentucky's finest with my smokes)...but it made for a pleasant experience. Cheers
  9. I found this at the "Super Cellars-Patrick & Sons" in Ridgewood Also found St. George, and Duplais at Gary's in Bedminster
  10. We have enjoyed Pacifique as of late. The best word I can say about is: Balanced. The Anise does not overpower the other elements. I found it best to sip slowloy and reflect on the subtle flavors that come out. I also add a splash over the 1 oz mark and dilute to 3:1. Enjoy
  11. Hello all, So, this is my first of what I hope are many on this great board. I am officially obsessed with this magic elixir, and I have no intention of looking for a cure. I have tried so far: St. George, Pacifique and Vieux Pontarlier. My tastes have favored the Saint, while the wife is all about Vieux. Pacifique has all the right factors, just nothing that stuck out to us...very good though and we will buy again...great for bringing my friends over to the dark side. Taking a trip into the Village in NYC to Astor Wine and check out their excellent selection....we're thinking maybe Mansinthe....but who knows...and the the fun part!